Sunday, June 17, 2018

Updating the shop

For many reasons I have just not got around to updating the products in my online shop. But Fiona and I agreed that today was the day to at least make a start, Of course this included needing to refamiliarise ourselves with how to actually: upload text, do pricing, insert photos etc. And the task is not made easy when the internet slows down to a snail's pace.

Whilst I have not finished the task I have at least got a few more things into the shop including: the remaining three of the Fire Within series; a couple of my Daily Leaf Word sets; a leaf sculpture (Bending 6); and a couple of sets of hammered vessels.  A few photos of a few of the items that went in today.

©2018 Barry Smith - One of the pieces in the Fire Within series
©2018 Barry Smith - This is what the Fire Within pieces look like when the layers are fitted on top of each other
©2018 Barry Smith - This is what the piece above looks like when the top is taken off and turned upside-down 
©2018 Barry Smith - One of the Daily Leaf Word sets - words to inspire and focus the mind during the day.
©2018 Barry Smith - Fungi Forms inspired by the shallow bowl like fungi that attaches itself to decaying logs after rain
©2018 Barry Smith - These vessels are about form not function
©2018 Barry Smith - Sun and shadow play with the patinated leaf forms of Bending 6 - note that the pumpkin vines thought it was companionable to wind through the installation
©2018 Barry Smith - Leaf-stem forms of Bending 6 curing in the gravel before being installed over at the the shed studio
Hopefully I will get a bit more time over the week to add more in. You can check out progress to date by clicking here.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Grind and polish

©2018 Barry Smith - Silver-plated copper - small leaf - about 7-8cm long and 2 cm wide - picking up late afternoon colour on the polishing bench
I spent about 4-5 hours today finishing about 50 silver-plated inspirational leaves I started maybe up to a couple of weeks ago.  I had only reached the folding and cutting stage. Yesterday I managed to hammer all the leaves; and today was about grinding and polishing. The leaves are made from salvaged silver-plated brass and copper trays.

There is a bit of wear and tear in the grinding-polishing process

©2018 Barry Smith - The grinding flap wheels start out quite large but I really grind them down
©2018 Barry Smith - These soft leather gloves have seen a lot of grinding and polishing work
A few images of the completed leaves.

©2018 Barry Smith - A circle of inspirational leaves that will become part of the Daily Word Leaves sets.
©2018 Barry Smith - Lining up for peace - peace give-away leaves to promote peace
©2018 Barry Smith- All sorts of offcuts can become peace leaves - usually I'm looking for pieces in my offcuts box that are about 11cm long and 2.5cm wide
©2018 Barry Smith - I liked how the leaves were picking up and reflecting the light
 I also added in a Name Leaf for a new born - marking her naming and wishing her growth and strength for the future.

©2018 Barry Smith - A Name Leaf

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Orchids, rainbows and winter morning light

©2018 Barry Smith - Unusual coloured orchid in Fiona's dad's orchid house on our block
A few of my recent iPhoneography blogs of late have been a mixed bag - posts without a theme.  The theme of this one is not theme - just fragments from the week including; orchids, a double rainbow and the morning light as we head towards the shortest day of the year.

A few more photos of orchids on the block.

©2018 Barry Smith  - Micro orchid unfurling with rain droplets
©2018 Barry Smith  - Unfurling ground orchid with rain droplets
©2018 Barry Smith - A spray of Graham's micro orchids
©2018 Barry Smith - Very subtle coloured crucifix orchid near the book wall
That double rainbow amidst a storm over the valley.

©2018 Barry Smith - Double rainbow impeded in a stormy sky
Winter morning light.

©2018 Barry Smith - Grey light on leaving home for my morning walk this morning - looking east at the top of our driveway- the 'peace tree' has now lost all its leaves
©2018 Barry Smith - Colour in the east by the time I reached Treehaven Way
©2018 Barry Smith - And a soft sky looking south over the valley about 30 plus minutes after leaving home

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Letterpress weekend

©2018 Barry Smith - Love the creative swirl of letterpress ink
As Fiona indicated in her blog post we spent a great weekend teaching an Intensive Introduction to Letterpress workshop to couple of passionate letterpress women. You can check out Fiona's post for more info and images from the workshop.

I'm having heaps of issues with blogger so I shall just share a few images and limp away from the computer.

©2018 Barry Smith - In-depth conversation between Fiona, Ute and Jess about trays of gorgeous wood type
I worked with Jess today - so a few images of her work

You just have to love it when folk grab the art form and do such creative things with it.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Solid silver commission

©2018 Barry Smith - Solid silver golf-formed and then flattened leaves
I have a commission to make flat but fold-formed leaves out of solid silver (925). I needed to see how many leaves I could make from two .7mmX15cmX30cm sheets of the silver (see sheets below).

I managed to source the metal from a company in Australia that sells recycled silver sheets - which was good. The sheets were highly polish silver and therefore were covered on both sides with film. Because I was needed to produce hammered but otherwise unmarked leaves I tested to see if I could do the fold forming etc with the film on. No opportunity to anneal the metal. Good news - it was possible because I was using soft silver and worked gently.

©2018 Barry Smith - Sheets of solid silver - film on both sides
Mark up of the metal.
©2018 Barry Smith - Careful mark up to get the most out of the sheets and a variety of sizes
Some process photos.

©2018 Barry Smith - Thirty-eight blanks marked for folding
©2018 Barry Smith - Folded blanks and marking up for cutting the half leaf shapes
©2018 Barry Smith - This is what 161grams of offcuts looks like - about 22% of the silver in all - needs to go back to the metal company to be recycled again.
©2018 Barry Smith - Hammered leaf forms
©2018 Barry Smith - unfolding the leaf forms and flattening them with a hard rubber hammer.
The finished stash of leaves - I managed to make 38 leaves ranging in size from 7.5cm to 11cm.

©2018 Barry Smith - Thirty-eight leaves - showing some fronts and some backs
A full day in the studio-garage; and a good outcome.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Morning moon and morning light

©2018 Barry Smith - Halo on the moon (6 June 5.52am)
The moon photos in this blog post have been taken over the past 7 mornings. The earliest was 2.53am on 31 May. Photos were taken with our Canon Powershot SX 50 HS.

The moon speaks for itself .

©2018 Barry Smith - Early morning moon against a black background (31 May 2.53am)
©2018 Barry Smith - Zoom on early morning moon resulting in a grey background (31 May 6.38am) 
©2018 Barry Smith - Early morning moon  (31 May 6.39am) 
©2018 Barry Smith - Morning moon resulting in a grey background (4 June 5.53am) 
©2018 Barry Smith - Halo around the morning moon (6 June 5.52am) 
©2018 Barry Smith - Zoom cuts through the halo around the morning moon (6 June 5.53am) 
Following are a couple of photos with the iPhone.

©2018 Barry Smith - Halo around the morning moon - iPhone flare out (6 June 5.55am)
©2018 Barry Smith - Halo around the morning moon - iPhone - best  zoom focus (6 June 5.55am)
And a couple of the light as I left the block and on Treehaven Way.

©2018 Barry Smith - Grey sky - valley view looking towards the Port of Brisbane and CBD lights
©2018 Barry Smith - Grey sky - looking east on Treehaven way