Friday, May 7, 2021

On show at the QSL


I was really pleased to find that my Precious Library of Peace is being featured in a great exhibition in the Queensland State Library (QSL) as part of their new acquisitions exhibition.

This artists' book was created to recognise the importance of International Peace Day on the 21 September each year. There are 21 silver-plated books in the 'library' all stamped with quotes and peace words. It was such a joy to me that the work was acquired by the QSL and therefor as part of its collection it will be available to the public for many years to come; and hopefully inspire folk to create peace.

A few photos supplied to me by the QSL staff follow - thank you.

A couple of photos (by Fiona) of Fiona's book I Would Have Loved a Sunburnt Country which is in this new acquisitions exhibition.

A couple of photos of Precious Library of Peace by me from when I made it.

Thanks to the QSL for acquiring this book; and for the ongoing showing of artists' books from their collection.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Autumn light, orchids and fragments


We are certainly moving closer to the dark morning light of winter as you can see from the photos below taken when we got up. 

But also a time some startling sunrises as you can see from the photos above - colour to the east and west

Overnight we had some light rain - G's orchid house is awash with colour and raindrop encrusted orchids.

And a few other fragments from this morning's walk.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Starting and finishing


Another of those weekends where Fiona and I were jumping between the studio, workshop and community activities.

Today I managed to start the three post installation I have been commissioned to do. Getting the timber in out of the rain, dried and cut to length means next week I can start working into and on the posts. All the lengths were cut using a hand saw. The timber is about 180mm-200mm square hardwood.

I also managed to print the last poster in my series of 9 patriarchy posters.  Fittingly I finished with the wording " patriarchy passed it's use-by date"  - it certainly has - though a lot of men are very unlikely to recognise that. I did the last poster in black to balance the total red one I did regarding  breeds bullies. Below are the 9 A3 landscape posters laid out on the studio tables - not necessarily in the final sequence.

I will also select - with Fiona's assistance - five sets; and then will label them and pack them as 5 numbered limited editions of 9 posters.

Two Domestic Posters (aka tea towels) were also printed.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Uninvited hands


I was given the suggestion for this poster. The original suggested words were "patriarchy the uninvited laying on of hands"- but there were too many words for the poster. It had a connection to a media release during the event; but it also had links it to churches; and it definitely reflected the fact that many women are subjected to uninvited touches and comments by men who seem to think it is ok and in fact their right - but then again that is patriarchy right???

The layered image above was deliberate - layers and layers of subtle patriarchy and layers and layers of uninvited handling.

I took a photo of where I'm up to in the series - only one to go after this current poster if I'm happy with the 3X3 grid.

I feel this poster has a strong message.

And of course there are a couple of Domestic Posters (aka tea-towels) - a little more subtle ink on the weave.

You might have noticed that the second I in 'uninvited' has a nick out of the bottom - it is in fact an upside-down 1 - one of the limitations of sets of wood type and the need for a little creativity.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Orchids, moon and fragments


G's orchid house offered some uplifting gorgeousness this morning as you can see from above and below.

We were able to check out the full moon last night as it flitted from behind the clouds.

A few other fragments from the phone - blue banded bee at the studio, blossoms from the garden and peeling paint from a wall in Nambour.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Reflecting on a challenging week


The past week has made me somewhat angry given the tragic and preventable deaths of a woman and then a young baby - both victims of male violence against women. The image below might be a bit challenging for some - rubine red ink on the glass plate. I chose red for the word avenges because it references the murder of women.

The events lead me to investigate the links between the patriarchal system and violence against women. The European Institute for Gender Equality says,"patriarchal violence is any kind of violence that creates or maintains men's power and dominance, or avenges the loss of their power." I thought that the last part of the statements what lies behind the murder of women and children by men in domestic violence situations - an ultimate act of control and power.

The poster I have printed is a refection of this horrendous and extreme expression of patriarchy. This is my seventh poster in this patriarchy series.

Patriarchy poster on the drying table with some of Fiona's posters

Over printing on A4 paper to take the ink off the type - I might find a role for them down the track