Thursday, August 22, 2019

Highland fragments

©2019 Barry Smith - Stone caught in cliff wall
Fiona and I are currently in the highlands - we've been here for a couple of days and already it weaves its magic - colour, unpredictable weather and different light. Given it is hard to adjust to the laptop to do a blog this first will just be a few images from the last couple of days walks.

©2019 Barry Smith Hidden waterfall 
©2019 Barry Smith - Fiona making her way back through the natural tunnel from the hidden waterfall 
©2019 Barry Smith - Cable on the beach
©2019 Barry Smith - A favourite view - looking out to sea from the headland at the end of the village
©2019 Barry Smith - Love the mauve
©2019 Barry Smith - Full blossom
©2019 Barry Smith- Froth patterns in the burn flowing into the sea
©2019 Barry Smith - Armadale Bay - tide fully out - early morning light
The morning started bright and cloudy but then the blue broke through  - the afternoon is now grey and quiet.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Fearless girl and other fragments from Melbourne

©2019 Barry Smith - Fearless Girl in Federation Square Melbourne 
This small statue, 1.2m high) exudes such serene strength - standing up to the taunts and challenges faced by women.

The original was commissioned by State Street Global who are now challenging everyone who has commissioned the artist, Kristen Visbal, to make copies (see article in AFR 7 August).

You would have thought State Street Global would have jumped at the chance to embrace the movement and claim the kudos for commissioning the original and supporting women world wide by allowing copies to be made.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - A gathering of the fearless
A few fragments from our busy work trip.

©2019 Barry Smith - Water on a window
©2019 Barry Smith - Edge of a sculptured dress 
©2019 Barry Smith - Dark Sun
©2019 Barry Smith - Shadow in a stairwell

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Of edges and light

©2019 Barry Smith - Defined morning moon in an inky sky
The moon on Tuesday morning , very early, was stunning such clarity - the edge where it drifted into darkness was so well defined.

©2019 Barry Smith  - The edge of darkness
I loved how the early morning light pushed from the east and seemed to driving the darkness westwards.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Lucious light drifting in from the east
Talking about edges - this small rainbow cut across the ruffle on one of F's tops - meandering its way over the ruffles and edges.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Rainbow weaving
And this little visitor was ruffling its features to pick up the warmth of the sun.

©2019 Barry Smith  - All fluffed up for the morning sun

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Buildings, brass and bones

© 2019 Barry Smith - Love the textures and lines and layers of the buildings
Fiona and I were away in Melbourne for a few days of work - facilitating conferences. One conference was on the 17th floor of a city building - I just loved being able to look out at the cranes dancing in the landscape and sky - cities never seem to be finished.

© 2019 Barry Smith
© 2019 Barry Smith
© 2019 Barry Smith
And looking down on the bare trees 17 stories below.

© 2019 Barry Smith
On our way home on Saturday we dropped in to the recycling fair at our local show-grounds to buy a stash of silver-plate. Got there just before the stall holders packed up.

© 2019 Barry Smith
Today there were many tasks to be done on the block; but I managed to cut and clean bone for earrings.

© 2019 Barry Smith
© 2019 Barry Smith
© 2019 Barry Smith

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sculpture and the environment

©2019 Barry Smith - Restored five post sculpture
I completed the installation of a five post sculpture in a private yard a couple of years ago. The etched aluminium plates were attached to the hardwood posts with galvanised plated screws.

I had arranged with the client to install a nameplates for the piece she had requested.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Etched aluminium nameplate - F's calligraphy
But I was really disappointed to learn from the owner that most of the screws had rusted. Either poor quality galvanising or a reaction between the zinc coating and the aluminium. So I committed to replacing all the screws with stainless steel screws. Five hours of work and the job was done. Good outcome - we will see how these fare.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Rusted screw

©2019 Barry Smith  - New stainless steel screws
©2019 Barry Smith  - New stainless steel screws - opportunity to clean and refresh the work
We seem to do things in quite big numbers. We have been planting miniature agapanthus plants on all the banks adjacent to the new sculpture terraces. I calculate we have planted about 350-400 at this stage.
©2019 Barry Smith  - Many agapanthus plants - rusted Corten steel edge  on the  steps
The agapanthus plants  will be gorgeous when established and in bloom - the terraces will be a bit of landscape art really.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Signs of spring

©2019 Barry Smith - Dew drops on an agave leaf
It has been unusually dry over the last few weeks - only a little dew overnight to give the plants some moisture.

However the plants seem to be quite resilient - producing the odd flower and forming buds; and the birds are getting more active.

©2019 Barry Smith - More kookaburras and other birds are present on the block
©2019 Barry Smith - White orchid in Graham's orchid house
©2019 Barry Smith - Unfurling orchid
©2019 Barry Smith - Such whiteness
©2019 Barry Smith - Unusual to grow white daphne up our way but these are blooming on our block 
©2019 Barry Smith - Avocado flowers are forming
©2019 Barry Smith - As are the macadamia blossoms
©2019 Barry Smith - The promise of a navel orange crop in the months ahead
Nature knows that spring is not so far away.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Versatility of bone and horn

©2019 Barry Smith - Small bone and horn micro sculpture on the rust table - love the individual forms and the slightly worn look of the horn fragments
I made the above small installation-micro sculpture for a good friend of ours in recognition of her many skills, strength and talent. The piece is about strong women - three to be precise - standing strong individually and with each other.

I made the following pendant for a friend who is struggling.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Seven stars - on a long silver chain - the bone feels good to hold
And the earrings are to be given away to a bunch of friends next week.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Buffalo horn earrings - light and organic in form
©2019 Barry Smith  - Some great colours showing through - texture from the surface of the old horn
©2019 Barry Smith  - A bit twig like
I think one is fortunate to possess a bit of creative ability - it makes it easier to do random bits of kindness.

©2019 Barry Smith  - The strong women micro-sculpture with the sun casting shadows