Sunday, October 4, 2015

And there is light and other matters

©2015 Barry Smith - Filament beauty
I got a bit of time over the weekend to finish off the three Steampunk lamps. I will take these to light up my stand at the Sunshine Coast Jewellery and Art Expo. I have been able to add in the cords and test that the lights work.

©2015 Barry Smith - Three Steampunk Lamps - all working
Sometimes the style of globe makes a difference. I swapped the globes on the blow-torch and stove lamps - I think the swap worked.

©2015 Barry Smith - A little hint of the Victorian era
©2015 Barry Smith - A little hint of the Victorian era
©2015 Barry Smith - Blow-torch lamp with long globe
©2015 Barry Smith - Blow-torch lamp with long globe
©2015 Barry Smith - Stove Lamp with squat globe
©2015 Barry Smith - Stove Lamp with long globe
©2015 Barry Smith - Blow-torch Lamp with squat globe
Have quite a few pieces taking over our coffee table and part of the dining table - all part of the sorting and decision making process regarding what to take and how to display at the Expo.

During the week Fiona and I will do some cataloguing and pricing of the above bits and pieces.

Friday, October 2, 2015

A little light - Steampunk that is

©2015 Barry Smith - Beautiful discovery under the rust and paint.
On October 10 & 11 of October (a week away - yikes!!!) I will have a stand at the Sunshine Coast Jewellery and Art Expo. I found out that I need to add my own light to my stand so decided to add a little interest by using a few Steampunk Lamps.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been roughly testing combinations of bits on my 'sorting-design table'.

©2015 Barry Smith - The 'Sorting-design table' - covered in bits.
Today I got into taking objects apart, cutting, drilling, creating threads for light fittings etc etc. Then the three disassemble lamps were taken to the polishing area for cleaning and polishing.

©2015 Barry Smith - Looking pretty ratty before the grind and polish
©20125 Barry Smith - An after shot - looking much more attractive.
At the end of the day I was able to do a rough test assemble to see that the bits were all going to fit together. A few rushed photos below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Loving how these pieces have come together - very Victorian?
©2015 Barry Smith - A simple lamp made from a solid fuel camping stove
©2015 Barry Smith - A blowtorch lamp in progress
Over the weekend I hope to complete the three lamps by giving them a final assemble, fitting cords and bulbs and giving them a final polish. The lamps will be used at the expo; and then most likely head down to Jo St Baker's Gallery-Studio in Redcliffe.

Time now to get a pumpkin and blue cheese risotto on (one of our favourite risottos) - probably accompanied by a chilled sav-blanc.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A mixture of matters - storms, moon and flowers.

©2015 Barry Smith - Unusual clouds and light after the storm
The weather in our neck of the world has been a little crazy. Whilst there has been some good opportunities to view the moon; there have also been times when the safest and driest place was indoors.

A few photos of the storms we have been having including falling hail (small bits) which is a little unusual in our part of the world.

Some interesting light and cloud shows in the valley.

©2015 Barry Smith - Boiling clouds
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Storm moving towards us 
My moon watching started with a see-through moon in a blue sky whilst we ate lunch. Obviously it progressed to early evening, then early morning and then the moon after sunrise in a blue grey sky. I'm still fascinated by the rotation of the moon from moonrise to moonset.

©2015 Barry Smith - Two thirds of a super moon - afternoon against a blue sky
©2015 Barry Smith - Same two thirds later in the evening
©2015 Barry Smith - Full super-moon a couple of days later
©2015 Barry Smith - Full moon with drifting cloud 
©2015 Barry Smith - Early morning full moon

©2015 Barry Smith - Bottom edge of early morning moon
©2015 Barry Smith - Moon after sunrise - losing its bottom edge.
©2015 Barry Smith - Against a blue grey morning sky
We have been very lucky with the flowers this year - gorgeous Waratahs; and the second of our newly planted roses - a very deep red and just amazing aroma.

Not a lot of dull moments on the mountain.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Townsville placemaking sculptural walk...

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail from Jezzine Way by Jenny Mulcahy
When we were in Townsville last weekend Fiona and I managed to do a walk in and around the old army barracks which has now been converted into a number or public, art and memorial spaces for the community.

We were very impressed with the vision of the Townsville local government to include quite a lot of sculptural works that tell the story of the place. I want to share a few photos of some of the pieces. Not all the pieces and not necessarily in the oder of viewing on the walk.

©2015 Barry Smith - Raised board walk around the headland
©2015 Barry Smith - First Contact by Jill Chism
©2015 Barry Smith - Coming Together  by Stephen Newton 
©2015 Barry Smith - One of a set of three 'portholes' - The Gathering by Donna Robinson and Tracey Johnson
©2015 Barry Smith - Fish Trap by Carly Kotynski
©2015 Barry Smith  - Barnacle on Fish Trap
©2015 Barry Smith - Belonging by Carly Kotynski and Gavin Sing
©2015 Barry Smith - Big Wing Coming by  Stephen Newton, Shirley Collins and Susan Peters 
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of Big Wind Coming
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of Big Wind Coming
©2015 Barry Smith - Seven Sisters by Karen Doolan and Amanda Feher
©2015 Barry Smith - Seasonal Burn-off by Shirley Collins and Stephen Newton
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of Crow by Rurik Henry
©20-15 Barry Smith - Jezzine Way by Jenny Mulcahy - ceramic story monoliths
I also took a number of photos of bronzes circles set in the pathway - but that can be for another time. The other thing that impressed me about the sculptures was that they were all on a fairly large scale and had real presence as one moved from one piece to the other.