Friday, March 24, 2017

Beginnings and continuing

Fiona has coined the phase "a jittery kind of day". This refers to those days where one finds oneself jumping between many demands or projects. Today has been a jittery type of day: a trip to the coast for a meeting for Fiona and me spending time getting tyres replaced on our car; and doing a myriad of things in preparation for a garage sale tomorrow where proceeds will go to a couple of women's support services. So there was no time in the studio today.

During the week I managed to progress some pieces of work.

I have been asked to makes tea caddy spoons and coffee measuring spoons by a business in Victoria; and Maleny Additions said they are out of stock of ladles and pate knives. So I have had to get into production.

©2017 Barry Smith - Metal cut for tea caddy spoons - odd little shapes!!!!
©2017 Barry Smith - Prototypes of the tea caddy spoons and coffee measuring spoon; plus blanks for pate knives; and shapes for tea caddy spoons
©2017 Barry Smith - Metal circles cut for making the bowls for coffee measuring spoons and ladles
©2017 Barry Smith - Bowls for the ladles in the rough
Yesterday Julie came over to spend time in the garage-studio stamping inspirational words to go into the vessel I made from the family silver-plated tray.

©2017 Barry Smith - Some beautiful words there for Julie and her family to start their days
We have ended the jittery day with rain and a whiteout in the valley below.

©2017 Barry Smith - White in the valley below
Given we will be up at 5am  tomorrow morning doing all the final set up for the sale I think there are grounds for an early wine and an early night.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beautiful gentle rain

©2017 Barry Smith - Sunshine colour and droplets
Over the last little while we have had a series of short showers of rain on the mountain - bit goldilocks like - not too heavy and not too much - just right.

Yesterday I managed to plant another 8 small trees down the back of the block - makes it about 20 over the last couple of weeks. So the gentle rain overnight was just perfect. The morning walk was taken in a light drizzly rain - a grey day.

©2017 Barry Smith - Grey valley 
©2017 Barry Smith - Raindrops on the water filling the big rusty fire pit
©2017 Barry Smith - Raindrops on the water filling the big fire pit
Great day for photos of fungi and droplets on moss.

The home plants just loved holding droplets as well.

©2017 Barry Smith - Orchid with droplets of clear fresh rainwater
©2017 Barry Smith - Violet with droplets of clear fresh rainwater
A quiet and refreshing morning

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Installing the Peace Book Sculpture

©2017 Fiona Dempster - a sneak look at the Peace Book Sculpture through the maple tree
Strange the way tasks get done on the block. Fiona and I etched and made three large aluminium peace books about 10 months ago as a sculpture for our block. We planned to install them on a platform near the 'bridge' across the rock river below the house. Well many other things happened and the platform was not built. I purchased the timber a couple of months ago - still the platform was not built. But over the weekend I realised that I needed to move the timber out of the carport at the shed in preparation for a garage sale next week and open studio over easter. So instead of storing the timber around the back I decided to build the platform and install the Peace Book Sculpture.

A couple of photos of the building process on Saturday.

©2017 Fiona Dempster - Subframe in place with the first board being lined up - Fiona checking the lines from above.
©2017 Fiona Dempster  - Labourer hard at work
The start of the installation process this morning after overnight  rain. Fiona was giving excellent placement instructions from the top deck of the house.

©2017 Fiona Dempster  - The largest (80cm high) of the books lined up
©2017 Fiona Dempster - Layout chosen
After securing the books in place with brackets, screws and rivets the sculpture looks great from all angles.

©2017 Fiona Dempster  - Looking down on the secured books from the morning words corner
©2017 Fiona Dempster  - Through the wires on the bedroom deck
©2017 Barry Smith - Landscaping around the platform complete; and sun shining on the sculpture - the words are visible inside - "Peace is every step" TNH; "imagine peace"; and "dream peace".
So good to have this sculpture in place - it has now inspired Fiona and I to plan the next sculptures for the edges of the rock river. The platform will age; and the sculpture will patina.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The beauty of a hammered bowl

I have been asked to make a large hammered bowl and 40 words that will make up a Daily Word inspiration set for a family. I cut the metal some time ago as part of a cutting day for a few lines of work.

Today I got to make the bowl. It was made from a 25cm circle of silver plated EPNS cut from an old and cracked serving tray handed down in the family. Whilst the bowl shows patches of wear and history it has now been given a new life and great purpose.

©2017 Barry Smith - Silver and rust - the vessel reflects the hedge and sky - 21cm across and 5.5cm deep
©2017 Barry Smith - Shiny back of the bowl with anvil and hammer marks
I thought I would share a few of the process photos.

©2017 Barry Smith - Bowl annealed a couple of times and formed with a nylon and wooden mallet
©2017 Barry Smith - Getting the wrinkles out on a stake with wooden mallet before hammering the front and back with iron hammers
©2017 Barry Smith - The stake
©2017 Barry Smith - Hammering the front with a ball hammer on the anvil
©2017 Barry Smith - Getting ready to hammer the back on the stake with the flat faced hammer
I also got to add the brass rods to the Funky Fish and glue them into place.

©2017 Barry Smith - Fish with rods
We harvested 6 large pumpkins from our patch - so I think that could mean post pumpkin and blue cheese risotto washed down with a glass or two of red.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A week of fragments

©2017 Barry Smith - Imprint of a bird's feathers on the kitchen window - the bird struck the window but fortunately revived and flew away
The photos in this post are a hotchpotch of images from the week: some from the block; and some of the moon.

From the block

©2017 Barry Smith  - A single tiny fragile fungi down the back
©2017 Barry Smith - Micro bouquet on a new tree planted down the back of the block - heaps of pollen for a tiny flower
©2017 Barry Smith - Another micro bouquet on a new tree planted down the back of the block - looks like a delicate floral trap
©2017 Barry Smith - Sunrise on gardenia
©2017 Barry Smith - Micro orchid unfurling near the book wall
©2017 Barry Smith - Leaves and petals are continuing to carpet the garden
©2017 Barry Smith - Whiteout and Camellia bush reflection on the big water 'bowl' filled by overnight rain
©2017 Barry Smith - Delicate web structure between tree trunks on the terrace below the house
The moon over a few days

©2017 Barry Smith - Half moon on a clear evening in March 2017
©2017 Barry Smith - Two thirds of a moon on a cloudy evening in March 2017 - tinge of blue
©2017 Barry Smith - Full moon early on a clear evening in March 2017
©2017 Barry Smith - Full moon early on a clear morning in March 2017
©2017 Barry Smith - Camera flare-out - no focus but great colours surrounding a full moon in March 2017
Moon photos taken with a Canon SX50HS.