Sunday, September 24, 2017

Words to focus the day

©2017 Barry Smith - Hammered bowl with rusted sprocket
Over the weekend I managed to finish 4 sets of Daily Leaf Words. The motivation was that I had sold my last set.

Many folk are aware that these sets started out as a mini version of Fiona and my daily exercise of each drawing out an inspiration word out of forty that Fiona has written in calligraphy on decorated light card rectangles.

Initially I made sets that had seven inspirational words stamped on small flat rectangular pieces of silver-plated EPNS or copper. These were presented in a shallow hammered silver-plated bowl. But my Peace Leaves inspired me to stamp the words onto metal blanks and turn them into small leaves. The seven leaves in and around the small hammered bowl looks a little more sculptural; and I think attractive. So Daily Word sets became Daily Leaf Word sets. The current set of words are: love, wonder, peace, hope, shine dream and joy.

The sets have turned out well - similar but unique.

©2017 Barry Smith - Fine concentric circles
©2017 Barry Smith - Reverse side of the hammered bowl
©2017 Barry Smith - Fine concentric circles
©2017 Barry Smith - Very worn silver-plate - quite a bit of copper showing through
A few photos of the process.

©2017 Barry Smith - Metal cut for Daily Leaf Words, Peace Leaves and Leaf Spoons
©2017 Barry Smith - The bench with bowls and leaves in progress
©2017 Barry Smith - Assorted hammers on the bench
©2017 Barry Smith - Twenty eight leaf words - each leaf os 7cm-7.5cm long
The sets are now ready to go to new homes.

©2017 Barry Smith
A few small hammer bowls made from silver-plated copper offcuts.

©2017 Barry Smith - Four small hammered bowls on stone

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Imagine Peace - International Peace Day

©2017 Barry Smith - 'Peace Tree' at the top mom the block with Peace Weather-grams and Peace Doves

International Peace Day has arrived - another annual opportunity to pause and imagine peace.

This year the world just seems to be in need of a lot more of it to counteract what seems to be an outbreak of mad threats and intolerance.

©2017 Barry Smith - I loved the small new green shoot that is in the foreground of one of
Fiona's Peace Weather-grams - a symbol of hope and small beginnings

At our place on the mountain we will just pause a few times today to wish, hope and imagine peace.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Desperately dry

©2017 Barry Smith - The weave and colour of an unfolding grevillea
It seems that we are in drought on the mountain - so many people are having to get water trucked to fill their tanks; the grass and plants are all struggling; as are the birds and animals. This is the first year that the nectarine crop was wiped out by bats whilst very green; and orchids and green bananas seems to be fodder for possums.

Even so nature seems to be able to persist and offer colour and texture as can be seen from a few shots from my walk this morning.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith - Like snow in spring
©2017 Barry Smith - Delicate perfection
©2017 Barry Smith - Contrast
©2017 Barry Smith - Unfurling
©2017 Barry Smith - A scatter of colour on the road
©2017 Barry Smith - Upside down Lorikeet
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith - Gorgeous tiny trio
©2017 Barry Smith - Contrast of flowers, dried fungi and wood
Still I hope that over the coming weekend we get a little rain to wash off the dust and give the plants and animals a refresh.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Picking up the threads

It is a period we all go through - having a lot of commitments; creating havoc in our studio space; and needing to clean up to enable us to start again.

Well that happened to me over the weekend; and after cleaning the surfaces I discovered a number of projects I needed to finish including: Peace Doves (sort of doves!!!) for our peace tree; Peace Leaves for Fiona's dad to take to his meditation group; big copper leaves for the next in the Bending series; and bowls and leaves for a few sets of Daily Leaf Words.

The priority was the Peace Doves - I needed to make 10 new doves to add to the five that were still in in the tree from last year and the ones that had fallen out of the tree to make up 21 for International Peace Day.

©2017 Barry Smith 
I got them done and as Fiona was hanging her Peace Weathergrams I hung the Peace Birds.

I managed to finish the 10 Peace Leaves for Fiona's dad to hand out before International Peace Day.

And I roughly cut out the silver-plated blanks for the Daily Leaf Words sets.

So all in all I feel I have reclaimed my garage-studio and am doing things I want to do - get feeling.

I ended this post with a lovely bit of patina just because it is beautiful.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Off to the gallery-shop

©2017 Barry Smith - A Trio of Funky Fish
Today was about delivering Artisan Lamps and Funky Fish to Entangle in Dayboro.

I tested the two tall Artisan Lamps and put globe surrounds on the top of both.

©2017 Barry Smith - Spirit Level Artisan Lamp 
©2017 Barry Smith - Fire hose nozzle Artisan Lamp
Nola at Entangle has agreed to sell my Funky Fish in the Entangle gallery-shop. So School of Funky Fish 2; a Trio of Funky Fish; and a Funky Fish will be delivered.

©2017 Barry Smith - School of Funky Fish
©2017 Barry Smith - A single Funky Fish
An below shows what it looks like to pack up 7 Artisan Lamps and 3 sets of Funky Fish for delivery.

©2017 Barry Smith - All packed and ready for delivery

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fragments from Carriage Works Sydney

I was in Sydney for a couple of days with Fiona as she participated in the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.   Fiona's work and that of the other members of her gallery looked gorgeous and attracted a lot of attention as you can see from Fiona's blog post.

I not only got the opportunity to experience the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair; but also the Carriage Works building in which it was housed. I was quite taken with the history that still exuded from the ceilings and wall as you can see from the photos below.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
It is so good to see that old industrial buildings can be put to multiple uses without erasing the history.