Sunday, April 5, 2020

We live in a different time

©2020 Barry Smith - Screen shot of a section of home page of my website
The news of the world seems to suggest that many folk will now work from home and/or stay home. Predictions are this way of living is likely to exist for over six months.

In February 2020 Fiona and I moved Deckled Edge Press into a bigger more accessible and commercial space in our town. Our intent was that in that space we would also set up a Deckled Edge Press gallery-shop that would not only sell our Deckled Edge Press wares; but also Fiona's and my individual art works. We that is not to be for quite sometime.

We have set up an online Deckled Edge Shop for our print and letterpress work; and I have reinvigorated my online shop to begin to sell some of my bits and pieces online again.

Over the weekend I have been working to get a few more pieces into my Barry Smith Art website shop mainly: jewellery; functional items (ladles); indoor sculpture; some vessels; and some inspirational leaves. Over the next month more bits will be uploaded.

©2020 Barry Smith - Screen shot of a section of my online shop
©2020 Barry Smith - Screen shot of a section of jewellery section of my shop
©2020 Barry Smith - Screen shot of pieces that have finally made it into the shop and not just been talked about on the blog!!!
©2020 Barry Smith - Screen shot of ladles in the Functional Art section of my shop
I hope you visit the shop and check out some of the new pieces that have made their way into the shop.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Functional art

©2020 Barry Smith - An arc of ladles - very shiny and rejecting the blue tool cabinet in the garage-studio
I have been working on replenishing my stock of metal works for sale - both in our gallery-shop and online at Barry Smith Art (BSA).

I committed myself to finishing ladles that I had on my workbench at the same time as I was working on leaves etc. As you can see from the photo above I ended up with eleven ladles. Ranging from tiny (3.5cm in diameter) to larger (9cm in diameter).

A few process photos follow.

©2020 Barry Smith - Hammered bowls ready to be fitted to brass handles
©2020 Barry Smith - Brass rod handles in the rough stage
©2020 Barry Smith - Brass rod handles drilled, ground and polished - ready to be riveted to the ladle bowls.
And a few photos of some of the individual ladles.

©2020 Barry Smith - Comparing the largest and smallest ladles
©2020 Barry Smith - Silver-plated copper ladle
©2020 Barry Smith - Silver-plated brass medium sized ladle
©2020 Barry Smith - This ladle is about 4.5cm in diameter - silver-plate over brass
©2020 Barry Smith - Love the hammer marks on this ladle
Quite a lot of hammering and riveting went into that stash of ladles - some have now made it into my online shop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Roadside blossoms

©2020 Barry Smith - Rich eucalyptus blossom
Beautiful soft and clear morning this morning - good for a restorative walk as you can see from the photo of the mountains at dawn.

©2020 Barry Smith - Mountain with soft light and cloud
Hard to think that it is autumn and the world is challenging when you see the beauty nature offers on the side of the road in Treehaven Way.

©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith - Against a blue sky
©2020 Barry Smith - White-green or green-white?
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith 
©2020 Barry Smith - Tiny visitors on tiny blossoms
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith - Enhanced by early morning dew
A joyful beginning to the day.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

"so is hope"

©2020 Barry Smith - Section of a poster on hope
There have been many steps in the creation of this poster - much waiting for ink to dry and for paper to flatten; but today we got to print the words - "fear is real ... so is hope".

This poster was created to reflect what a lot of us feel at the moment - fear; and yet we need to balance that deep and at times dark fear with the bright light and promise of hope. It also reflects words or encouragement stencilled on a crumbling distressed urban wall.

Yesterday, with Fiona's help, I chose and set the type for the words. We chose letters from the wood type draws we refer to as our random and orphan letters - not a full set of any font. We chose to use these because we wanted the words "fear is real" to be like a ransom note - sister overtones. We chose to use the large Italian type for the word "hope" so that it would dominate and be strong.

The typewas set on the bed of the larger proofing press and the letters were held in place with strong magnets. It was left yesterday because there was not the time to print.

©2020 Barry Smith - Testing various fonts
©2020 Barry Smith - Couple of trays of wooden type to chose from
©2020 Barry Smith - Final choice set on the proofing press bed - ready for ink
Today I printed - whilst I say I it really is about we. I chose the colours; but when printing an A3 poster with lots of ink and pressure it does require a couple of sets of hands. After a few proofing runs we were ready to print.

©2020 Barry Smith - Proofing on plain paper - you can see the r and i need to be built up
©2020 Barry Smith - Testing how it would print on canvass
I was hoping for three quality prints on the five collagraphs I had printed; and in the end we got 4 really good prints and one good one - not bad given I was using large type and the fact that the Italian type is higher than the other wood type.

©2020 Barry Smith - I was pleased with this outcome
©2020 Barry Smith - A table of prints and proofs
©2020 Barry Smith - Series of five posters
©2020 Barry Smith - Detail - fear
©2020 Barry Smith - Detail - hope - love that burnished gold ink!!!
The posters will now dry for a few more days before being put under weights again. The will be marked with the Deckled Edge Press chop and editions as these posters will be for sale. Though I suspect a couple of the proofs will be gifted.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Hold fast to hope

©2020 Barry Smith - Hold fast to hope - peace and the beauty of one of our roses
I have been in the letterpress studio. as you can see. I used time to sort and number some collagraph prints from an early series called Urban Elements. I hope to get these mounted and maybe framed in the future.

Having got that task sorted and because the background collagraph prints to my A3 poster were not dry I decided to print a post card. Given the current times I thought a message of hope was appropriate to send out into the ether. Hope is so important at the moment. And whilst it is not a strategy without it what does the future look like.

I printed 20 in all - two were really just proofs. A few process photos follow.

©2020 Barry Smith - Type locked up in the chase and proofed with duplicating paper
©2020 Barry Smith - Post cards in the drying rack
©2020 Barry Smith - Couple of rough proofs to double check registration
There are 18 to send.

©2020 Barry Smith - Hope and peace 
©2020 Barry Smith - Eighteen cards for the ether
©2020 Barry Smith

If you want one let me know and I'll post it to you 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Colour and clear droplets in challenging times

©2020 Barry Smith - One of G's orchids in the orchid house
I got my morning walk in today; though I did get rained upon. I knew it was a bit suspect when looking over the valley it was grey and full of cloud.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Dark and threatening early morning in the valley
Still there is much beauty to behold. My eye was of course drawn to droplets.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Droplet on orchid
©2020 Barry Smith  - Droplet on a cluster of yet unfurled micro orchids
©2020 Barry Smith  - Droplet and micro web on crucifix orchid leaf
But also the beauty of blossoms.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Strong variegated colours of another of G's orchids
©2020 Barry Smith  - Wild rocket blossom - bees love it
©2020 Barry Smith  - Delicate new camellia
©2020 Barry Smith  - A bouquet of white crucifix orchids unfurling
And how about the rich growth in the autumn veggie garden.

©2020 Barry Smith  - The autumn veggies are looking good - we have even been able to harvest some of the small leaves of the rocket and spinach - tomatoes are self seeding again!!!!