Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Peace is on my mind

©2014 Barry Smith - Peace in tatters? One of Fiona's peace flags from International Peace Day 2013
Lately I have been a bit down from a peace perspective. The news around the globe seems to indicate that we humans have learnt very little about living peacefully. There appears to be so much killing and turning to violence to resolve religious, land and political disputes. At times it makes me want to go away into some remote place and turn off the media and ignore the violence. But we can't; we need to maintain hope and act for peace.

This morning as I walked the block at dawn I set out to take photos of the flowers and post on them tonight. But the peace flags and various peace symbols on the block caught my eye. I thought I would share them - just as another vibe for peace.

©2014b Barry Smith - Rusty peace dove - a symbol of a new beginning for peace 
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace bell and peace flags
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace (0n Peace bell)
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace crane (another of Fiona's peace flags)
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace crane (another of Fiona's peace flags)
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace - rusted on
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace post
©2014 Barry Smith - SZQ's peace symbol on a rock wall
Fiona and I will attend the ANZAC day dawn service on Friday - and will join with others vibing for peace as we remember those who died in crazy wars.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Giveaway and moon on Easter day

My Easter day started at 3am - I awoke and decided to take a photo of the Easter moon. Strangely I thought it was going to a full moon - but in fact a moon eaten at the edges. Fortunately I went back to sleep and slept soundly until normal waking time.

©2014 Barry Smith - Easter moon
The day has been filled with jobs on the block; opening the gallery to a visitor; and lunch and afternoon tea with Fiona's folks.

But I digress - today as promised I, well Fiona actually, drew the 'winners' of the 750 post giveaway.

The Peace book ….

©2014 Barry Smith - Peace Book
…. goes to SZQ.

The angel pendant …..

©2014 Barry Smith - Angel pendant
….. goes to Judi.

And the being leaf  …..

©2014 Barry Smith - Being leaf
…… goes to Karen.

A big thank you for all you beautiful people who commented on the giveaway post; sent congratulations; and participated in the giveaway. Thanks to Fiona for drawing the names. And may peace, quiet being and angels be yours today and each day.

I will be in contact with the winners and be sending the giveaways in a few days time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Metal magic

Today (Friday) was not an art making day; but it was an art contribution and preparation day.

Fiona and I put up the signs for the Maleny Printmakers exhibition (on all Easter weekend at 37 Coral street Maleny); and I spent timing cutting and forming metal.

©2014 Barry Smith - Sheets of cut recycled copper plate
I just love the colour of the pieces of copper above. The copper was being cut for two leaf spiral pieces - one small (1.1m) and one large (1.75 m) in height. In all I needed about 24 rectangles of copper plate about 26-29cm long and 8-9cm wide. I started with the remnants of the base of a shower and pieces cut from the side of old laundry boilers.

©2014 Barry Smith - Scrap copper - marked up for cutting
And you can see I ended up with a stack of beautiful copper plates.

©2014 Barry Smith - A stash of cut recycled copper plate
©2014 Barry Smith - Offcuts beside the guillotine
©2014 Barry Smith - View through the guillotine jaws
And some beautiful patina - sadly this will be burnt off in the annealing process.

©2014 Barry Smith - Spots of patina and rust
I am fabricating some hanging art display panels for a fellow artist. I needed to make 12 solid hooks to hold the 6 timber panels that will hook over a rail on top of a long bookcase. The hooks were formed in the vise over an old piece of pipe.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fabricating hanging hooks
©2014 Barry Smith - Fabricating hanging hooks
As you can see from photos below the 12 hooks (about 5cm wide and 20cm long) are now ready to be ground and drilled before being bolted to the panels - but that is tomorrow's job.

©20134 Barry Smith - A cluster of hanging hooks
©20134 Barry Smith - A cluster of hanging hooks
So, as always - art is about much more than making - it is a way of living.

And a last reminder - don't forget to get into the giveaway:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tracking the moon…..

Another of those global events that made me realise that the world is a fairly small place. Fiona had informed me that we were to have a red moon last night as a result of a total eclipse of the moon. Some folk know I'm a bit of a fan of the moon and on clear nights I sometimes take a photo opt two of full moons.

Last night Fiona and I shared the spectacle with many of our blog friends in various parts of the globe.

Earlier in the night we both took photos to capture the red moon. This proved to be a bit difficult because of light and cloud. But as you can see below, and might have seen on my Facebook, we did capture a few reasonable images of the eclipse.

©2014 Fiona-Barry - Red Moon
©2014 Fiona-Barry - Red Moon
©2014 Fiona Dempster - Partial eclipse
©2014 Fiona Dempster - Partial eclipse
To prove to myself that the camera was not playing up I took a series on photos at about 10pm, 12pm, 4am and 6am. For some reason I woke at 12midnight and 4am - so why not see what was happening; and by 6am we were up for exercise. So some of the photos are shown below in sequence starting with the cloud covered moon - the clouds covered the last bit of the eclipse; and ending with the early morning 'almost moonset'.

©2014 Barry Smith - A drift of clouds - halo moon
©2014 Barry Smith - A drift of clouds - halo moon
©2014 Barry Smith - Cool midnight moon
©2014 Barry Smith - Cool midnight moon
©2014 Barry Smith - The colours of moonset
©2014 Barry Smith - Setting moon
©2014 Barry Smith - Setting moon
I like how the craters of the moon appear to rotate as the moon goes from moonrise to moonset. I took a couple with the iPhone of the dawn moon and colour; and altered one - bit of fun.

©2014 Barry Smith - Setting moon using iPhone
©2014 Barry Smith - Setting moon - altered
©2014 Barry Smith - Setting moon - altered
That is probably more moon photos than any of us require?????

And just a reminder - don't forget the 750 post giveaway - check it out here:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Giveaway - peace, angels and being

Last week I realised I was about to reach 750 blog posts - for me that is a bit of a milestone. Today is my 750 blog post -  I'm celebrating it with a giveaway with three themes: peace; angels; and being - all will be revealed below.

©2014 Barry Smith - Angel wings pendant - love and protection - wings about 7cm long
This milestone made me stop and ask myself: why do I try to post reasonably regularly? 

Amongst a heap of things I think it is because it: encourages me to look at the world in an inspired and creative way; reminds me that if I don't put in studio time then stuff does not get created; enables me to share my art journey with a community of fellow artists; promotes what I do and where I'm up to in my own development; enables me to share some techniques; enables me to promote some idea and ways of being; and hopefully it is just a way of sharing art etc with a community. For me the blog offers the opportunity to have more of a conversation than Facebook does.

Anyway enough of that. So there are three giveaways: a small peace book; an angel wings pendant; and a being inspiration-meditation leaf. 

And what do you need to be to be in the draw for one of these giveaways - you need to leave a comment that relates to your artwork of choice. So if you want to be in the draw for the peace book - please leave a comment regarding peace in your life. If you want to be in the draw for the angel wings pendant - please leave a comment about the role-meaning of angels in your life. And if you would like to be considered for the being leaf then let me know what being means in your life. And of course if you want to be considered for all three then you can leave a multi-strand comment.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace
©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace
©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace

©2014 Barry Smith - Small peace book & angel wings pendant
©2014 Barry Smith - Angel wings pendant - love and protection - silver plated EPNS, chain and crystals

©2014 Barry Smith - Being Leaf form - silver plated EPNS - about 12-13cm long

The giveaway will be drawn on Easter Sunday (one week from now). Hope you will join me in: celebrating art; the sharing of ideas; and our art journeys.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A slightly different request

It is funny how one thing can lead to another.

©2014 Barry Smith - Handles of cake knives
I started selling my ladles through Maleny Additions (MA); and then added in Leafspoons. Some time ago I posted on the request I got through MA to make a cake lifter. The couple wanted it for their wedding. They were satisfied with the result; and then said would it be possible for me to make a matching cake knife. Well given I use recycle material I could not use the same metal (silver plate over copper from a heavy ornate tray - once it is gone it is gone); but fortunately I had another silver plated copper tray in my stash with a similar pattern.

So I have made two options; a more traditional wedding cake knife shape; and a dagger form - bit more game of thrones or whatever. The more traditional form is 30cm long; and the dagger form is 25cm long.
©2014 Barry Smith - Cake knives
©2014 Barry Smith - Dagger form wedding cake knife
©2014 Barry Smith - Handle of the dagger form - three rods of copper on each side of the blade
©2014 Barry Smith - More traditional wedding cake knife
©2014 Barry Smith - four strands of copper riveted on one side of blade
I have formed a bend into the blades to stiffen the blades. And as you can see one handle has 4 strands of wire (2X2) and the other six (2X3). I think they have worked out well. They were delivered to MA today so that they can contact the couple to see if this is what they want. And yes they do cut - I was able to cut a slice of baguette bread with each knife.

Its Friday - so must be off to have a glass of red.