Sunday, July 24, 2016

More metal

©2016 Barry Smith - Love, hope and peace - on the workbench
I had a couple of jobs to do that involved using my guillotine to cut up recycled metal objects - a stainless steel stove range hood flue and a chrome over brass serving tray. But I thought while I was at it I might as well cut up other silver-plated trays and round placemats for other tasks I have on my mental list.

First the chrome over brass job - making small leaf forms to be handed out to family members to mark the anniversary of the death of a parent.

©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty pieces of cut and folded chrome over brass metal
©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty stamped leaf forms - formerly part of a serving tray
And then the stainless steel flue - creating covers for the signage posts for the Peace in the Trees Sculptural walk - to protect the wood from the damage of rain getting into the end grain of the posts.

©2016 Barry Smith - SS flue - cut and drilled
©2016 Barry Smith - Thirteen folded and polished SS post caps
©2016 Barry Smith - SS post cap - screwed into place
And then select piles of silver-plated EPNS for: Leaf Spoons; Peace Leaves for sale; small peace leaves for giveaway; Daily Word Leaves; and giveaway inspirational words.

©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty-one fine silver-plated pieces (7.5cm X 2cm) for Daily Word Leaves
©2016 Barry Smith - Six fine pieces of silver plated EPNS for Peace Leaves (about 2.5cm X 15cm)
©2016 Barry Smith - About 30 odds and sods of silver-plated EPNS for giveaway peace leaves
©2016 Barry Smith - About 20 rectangles of silver-plated EPNS for giveaway stamped inspirational bits
©2016 Barry Smith - Seven pieces of Silver-plated EPNS for Leafspoon (about 2.5cm X16-17cm)
And left over is the pile of hard to use bits which will be cut into much smaller pieces for smelting.

©2016 Barry Smith - To be cut up for smelting
A good cutting and recycling episode.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hammered - prints from the anvil

I have been intrigued by the marks my hammers have made on my bigger anvil over the last 6 years. They never really remain the same - new marks overlay and push old marks aside.

©2016 Barry Smith - Print of the end of anvil
I thought I might have a go at printing the anvil surface as it currently is - treating the surface like a printing plate that had been created by drypoint and scraping. Anyway I called on my resident local print person (Fiona) to give me a hand to lift some prints from the anvil.

Fiona cut and soaked the paper whilst I cleaned the anvil of gunk.

©2016 Barry Smith - Paper (BFK Rives and Fabriano Tiepolo) soaking - about 56cm long and 20cm wide
We set up a couple of rulers on the bench as a guide to help us with 'registration' - didn't really work.

©2016 Barry Smith - Cleaned anvil with ruler guides
We applied Payne's Grey water based etching ink to the anvil plate; and started to print.

©2016 Barry Smith - Applying Payne's Grey
©2016 Barry Smith - Registered and rolled
The first few prints were a bit disappointing.

©2016 Barry Smith - Revealing a print - paper too damp and too much ink?
But towards the end we got the inking about right; dampness of the paper about right; pressure with a hand roller about right; and registration by eye about right. So in all we had 9 attempts hanging up to dry.

©2016 Barry Smith - Prints hung out to dry
I think we have about 3 we could call an edition; and a couple of artist's proofs.

©2016 Barry Smith - This pair look pretty good - love the hole from the anvil plate
©2016 Barry Smith - Anvil plate hol;e - negative space?
©2016 Barry Smith - Ink, paper etc
©2016 Barry Smith - The hole in the anvil
I think it was a mad idea to attempt to do prints of the anvil surface on the workbench; but I think it was worth having a go at it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Magnificent mood of this morning's moon set

I know I go on about the moon - yet I think the display it provided over the last 24-48 hours reinforces why I do go on about it.

This morning we rose early for Fiona's Wednesday exercise group - I thought the moon had set - but as we gazed out of the window when we selected our daily words I was amazed to see the setting moon pop out from behind a thick bank of clouds close to the horizon.

©2016 Barry Smith - Vibrant morning moon as it emerges from a cloud bank and is about to set behind another
I thought I would share a few photos of the moon setting behind the second bank of clouds on the horizon.
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - 5.50am Wednesday 20 July
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - Wednesday 20 July
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - Wednesday 20 July
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - Wednesday 20 July
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - Wednesday 20 July
©2016 Barry Smith - A dark setting moon - about 6am Wednesday 20 July
Obviously given this was to be a full moon I did keep an eye out and captured a few images a couple nights ago - or should I say mornings ago.

©2016 Barry Smith - 2am 18 July - Clear moon in a clear morning sky - I was woken by the bright moonlight through our windows
©2016 Barry Smith - The edge of an almost full morning moon
And then last night as it rose and a little later in the night.

©2016 Barry Smith - Full moon - about 6pm 19 July
©2016 Barry Smith - Moon through a distant Norfolk Island Pine tree
©2016 Barry Smith - Full evening moon in a dark clear sky - about 9pm 19 July
I guess you can have too many moon photos - but not sure when I will reach that point.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Flying Funky Fish

Until I was doing the pack up to bring my stuff home I had forgotten that I had put some of my Funky Fish (FF) into Jo St Baker's gallery.

They had lost a bit of their lustre so I decided to give them a new lease of life.

©2016 Barry Smith - Funky Fish calling out for a bit of a makeover
I had started two other bits of work: making a couple of smaller (in scale and number) sets of my timber and aluminium mountain forms; and making word leaves for Lorraine. I was cutting up my remaining offcuts of red cedar timber as you can see from the photo below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Red Cedar timber mountain forms - cut and ready for shaping and sanding
Along the way I decided that I would turn three of the FF into a small sculptural installation that included timber and brass tube stands.

©2016 Barry Smith - Back of the FF with brass tubing inserted - drilled and glued 
I think the final installation has worked out well. I consulted Fiona about the lengths of brass tube - I wanted to give the fish air and movement - I think we achieved that through the varied length of the tubing.
©2016 Barry Smith - Funky Fish ride the waves - flying and shining
©2016 Barry Smith - FF ride the waves - flying
©2016 Barry Smith - FF untethered
I thought the stamped healing and nurturing words Lorraine selected made for an inspirational photo. They will be formed into inspiration leaves.

©2016 Barry Smith - Love, hope and calm

I'm always amazed where the metal and the wood takes me.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Beginnings and endings

A day full of art - but just so varied.

2016 Barry Smith - Transforming the concept sketch to production drawings - love my pencil
Most of the day was spent doing detailed drawings of a planned public sculpture. I had submitted a concept drawing for the sculpture and was selected to do further development. The plan being that the additional development work will lead to funding and then fabrication and installation - it will all take time. The sculpture is a stylistic representation of a buttress root of a large tree. The piece of work will be about 3.5m long and 2.1m high. Made from three 10mm brushed aluminium metal sheets (1.2mX2.4m).

As you can compare the photo below and the one above, you can see that the concept drawing did not have the technical measurements and engineering proposal required for the next step - so some careful calculations. I have discussed the drawings with the fabricators and engineers - so it is all looking doable. Detailed drawings now complete.

©2016 Barry Smith - Three sets of drawings for fabrication and installation
Today saw an ending but a joyous one - Lorraine who commissioned me to turn a few family trays into smaller pieces for the family came to collect the work. She was delighted; and commissioned a couple of other small bits.

©2016 Barry Smith - Lorraine's stash
On another ending note - yesterday I went to Redcliffe to pick up my work (including Artisan Lamps and watch part jewellery) from Jo St Baker's Studio-Gallery. Jo has decided to close the gallery part of her space - so I decided to bring my work home and work it out from there. Thanks Jo for carrying and promoting my work. Maybe the pieces will join my other work in Entangle gallery-shop.

©2016 Barry Smith - Lamps and other works return to the mountain.
And the big stash of stuff below has much potential for other creations - so another beginning. I gave a friend, who is moving house soon, a bit of a hand to clean out part of her shed. In return I got to cart away some useful bits. I spent this afternoon sorting out the useful from not so useful; and also a pile that can go to another friend. I'm always amazed how things can move around and be given a new life. The photos below show about half the stash - took a bit of sorting.

The dark has come in, it is raining and a thick mist also shrouds our mountain - so I think it is time to bunker down and drink a warming glass of red.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Valley moods

Fiona and I are often asked if we just get to the stage that we take the view of the valley for-granted. We always answer no - for at least two reasons: the valley demands to be appreciated because it is ever changing; and because we have a morning ritual where we stop and look out over the valley and mountains to say thanks and as a way of starting the day.

The morning valley and the big sky above it has again demanded attention during this past week. For pre-sunrise and sunrise light there have been some amazing colours and reflected light off some very unusual cloud formations.

©2016 Barry Smith - Valley bathed in pink morning light
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of a pink morning
©2016 Barry Smith - Thick roll of cloud in the west with pink highlights
©2016 Barry Smith - Streams of ruffled clouds edges in gold - morning light not a sunset
©2016 Barry Smith - Looking to the east over the mountains - blues and golds
©2016 Barry Smith - Looking to the south west - sombre navy, intense red-orange and gold flecked cloudlets

©2016 Barry Smith 
 And the cloud at times just lazily drifts over the mountains.

©2016 Barry Smith - A grey morning with low drifting clod brushing over the mountains
Thick winter cloud masking the setting sun can also create its own subtle and unusual diffused light.

©2016 Barry Smith - Diffused golden light
The light show demands attention; and we are happy to comply.