Sunday, January 15, 2017

Culling, cleaning and rearranging

The January cull and clean of our stuff has now extended into our studios as well.

I have made an attempt to get about 6 months of unsorted objects in the studio-garage into categories and on shelves so that I can begin to create in earnest.

©2017 Barry Smith - Stash of solid medium to large brass rings
©2017 Barry Smith - One of the shelves of copper soldering irons
I then moved into the jewellery space and have made significant inroads into cleaning out all my storage cupboards; and swapped Fiona a desk for a bookcase and shelf as part of the rearrange.

©2017 Barry Smith  - One section of the jewellery space before culling and cleaning.
©2017 Barry Smith - Another section of the space culled and cleaned with Fiona's shelf in place
The rearranging has impacted on the goods in the online Shop. Normally these would be just mixed in with the other items that are in our 601mvr studio-gallery shop.  I swapped a secondhand solar hot-water system for two second hand glass display cabinets. This has enabled me to set up an online Shop storage-display area near the jewellery space and studio-garage. This will keep the items separated and ready for packing if sold. Visitors to our place of course can see: the online Shop goods displayed; and what is in the 601mvr shop.

©2017 Barry Smith - Three display cases with online Shop items and some of Fiona's collection of artists' books
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
I think there is about another half a day of culling, cleaning and rearranging to be done. One of the positive outcomes of the process is that I have identified quite a few art related objects and small collections that will go into an art related garage sale Fiona and I plan to hold in the not too distant future.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Through the eyes of another

I have spent the last week: recovering from my bug; doing a cull and clean of my workspaces and stashes; and finally updating my online shop. I asked Fiona's niece Emily (Emilycmd) to take photos of products and do the tedious work of uploading (photos, words, pricing etc) the items into the shop.

I thought, in lieu of other art stuff for Friday, I would share some of the images Emily took and used. I like how Emily used the natural side light to create light and shadow. Interesting how someone can look at your work in a different way through their eyes.

©2017 Emilycmd - Detail of a Light Catcher
©2017 Emilycmd - Mountain forms on rust
©2017 Emilycmd  - Pods on white sand
©2017 Emilycmd - A line of Starburst bowls
©2017 Emilycmd  - Heart - flip-side - hope and peace
©2017 Emilycmd  - Light and texture of pyramids
©2017 Emilycmd  - Traveller's Shrine - tied and ready for travels
©2017 Emilycmd  - Bone and metal
©2017 Emilycmd  - Bone, stone and glass
©2017 Emilycmd  - A healing book pendant
©2017 Emilycmd  - Cascading crystals
©2017 Emilycmd  - As-if-holding-water earrings
©2017 Emilycmd  - Riveted earrings
©2017 Emilycmd - Bone and silver
©2017 Emilycmd - Leaf form earrings.
You are invited to check out the Shop and test the new dropdown menu of items - some new stuff in there - a few tidying up things to be done but I think the shop is looking good.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A blush of sun and bees

As the title of the post indicates - this morning's walk was characterised by early sunlight catching and highlighting blossoms; and very noticeable bee activity.

©2017 Barry Smith - Caught by the sun - a white butterfly blossom with bee
©2017 Barry Smith  -Red of a rose bud intensified by early sunlight
©2017 Barry Smith - Caught by the sun - a pink butterfly blossom with acrobatic bee
©2017 Barry Smith - Stunning white
©2017 Barry Smith - Headfirst into the blossom
©2017 Barry Smith - Sun-worshipper
Off course there are always going to be a few other things that will catch one's eye during the week - captured by the iPhone and rediscovered when I get around to doing the Wednesday blog.

©2017 Barry Smith - A curtain of fine ariel roots on bushes outside one of our local coffee shops
©2017 Barry Smith - Very, very small worm with 'house'
©2017 Barry Smith - Ponytail blossom catching the fading afternoon light
©2017 Barry Smith - Rainbow on dining room table
I'm glad that it is possible to share a bit of summer with those who are experiencing intense cold.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A little bit of art

©2017 Barry Smith - Lead crystal, polished brass against a dirty cleaning cloth background
There is always the desire to create lurking even in a weary recovering body. So I grab an hour yesterday and another couple of hours this afternoon to make a little something.

Sometimes it is best to revert to the simple and the things that have brought one joy in the past. So I decided to make one (maybe two) Light Catchers from the heads of a couple of long handled spirit soldering irons - I bought a stash of these some months ago. I also knew I had two good antique crystals that would be used as a feature and catch the light.

The heads of the soldering irons can start out quite cumbersome and a bit ungainly but I know that under all that rust and excess metal lurks lovely brass.

©2017 Barry Smith  - And so the selection process begins
After detaching the heads and stripping the excess metal; I was in a position to rummage around my brass bits and pieces and come up with some interesting objects to loosely construct the two bodies.

©2017 Barry Smith - Bodies of the Light Catchers in the rough
I had the time and energy to grind, polish and assemble one of the Light Catchers - I'm please about that.
©2017 Barry Smith - Simple design - focus on the beauty of the found objects
I'm on the mend - but more rest and recuperation required.

Friday, January 6, 2017

When you can't make

I have been unwell with a virus for the last couple of days and have had a lethargic body and a fuzzy mind. I just have not felt well enough to get down into the garage-studio. I thought that at least it would not stop me from taking a few photos; and tidying up one of my work spaces.

Some tiny lichen have taken the opportunity of recent rain to attach themselves to the stainless steel wires on our wire and timber balustrades on our southern decks. The wire is about 4mm thick so that gives an idea how small the lichen are.

©2017 Barry Smith - A tiny lichen holding a droplet of rain
©2017 Barry Smith - Lichen with fine spider's web and micro droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Lichen with micro droplets
And other things get caught up as well such as a birds tiny feather.

©2017 Barry Smith - Feather caught on the wire with micro droplets
And of course many small spider's webs make there appearance in the rain.

©2017 Barry Smith - Droplets on a micro spider's web
This afternoon I managed a couple of hours in the jewellery assembling studio. It was in a bit of chaos. I can now find things - yahoo!! A few before and after shots.

I like my jewellery assembling table - a brass porthole fro a very old steamship. I will behave myself and have a quiet night and hopefully be a bit closer to recovery