Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bringing fragments together

©2016 Barry Smith  - Bone earrings with drill holes and solid silver rivet
Over the weekend I just wanted to do a small bit of creating to ease me back into things. I decided to not start any commissions or product for outlets; but rather just do something that used bits and pieces that asked to be used.

So I decided to use: some scraps of bone still lying around from earlier work; some of the sea glass from NZ; a few NZ pebbles; and a few scraps of silver-plated EPNS and copper.

©2016 Barry Smith - Stash of fragments ready for selection and assembling
As you can see from the first photo this resulted in a few pieces of bone jewellery. The bone earrings above are something new for me - the bone drops are about 20-25mm long 5-6mm wide and 5mm thick at the thickest point. They made their way into Fiona's jewellery box this afternoon.

A few more bone pendants with negative space.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bone, glass and stone and brass
©2016 Barry Smith - Love the simple lines of this bone, glass and stone pendant
©2016 Barry Smith - The bone has natural imperfections - contrast between the brick and black pebble and dark brown sea glass - brass rivet on both sides to fill natural holes in the bone
©2016 Barry Smith - Curved sea worn fragment of a bottle spout.
And a few of pendants with silver-plate.

©2016 Barry Smith - Square (25-30mm) pendant with silver-plated EPNS
©2016 Barry Smith - Rectangular pendant (about 40mm long by 20mm wide) with silver plated copper
©2016 Barry Smith - Unusual block pendant (about 40mm long, 15mm wide and 10mm thick) with natural black grain in the bone plus silver-plated EPNS on two faces 
A satisfying and gentle way to get back into the creative groove.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Not your usual souvenirs

Fiona and I returned today from 10 days in the northern area of the north island of NZ - a great bit of down and away time. As one would expect our photos of the trip are not the usual people or even place shot; but rather details and fragments like most of our art friends.

But our purchases whilst we are away are not the usual bits of memorabilia - as it turns out for me it was: sea glass we picked up;  a heavy rusty cog (20cm in diameter); brass objects for Artisan Lamps; small silver-plated trays; and one of the largest silver-plated trays we have ever found.

Sea glass collection….

©2016 Barry Smith - Sea glass - for earrings and pendants
Bits for Artisan Lamps from a couple of places - including a beautiful rusty cog.

©2016 Barry Smith - Heavy cog - great lamp base?
©2016 Barry Smith - Solid fuel soldering iron torches
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass pump
Small silver plated trays from various locations.

©2016 Barry Smith - Nice selection of trays
The big tray that only just fitted into Fiona's bag on the diagonal - but it will offer much metal.

©2016 Barry Smith - Big silver plated tray (85cm long X 40cm wide)
©2016 Barry Smith - Good pattern
And some gorgeous 15cm long cut nails.

©2016 Barry Smith - These nails will rust reall well
Obviously - this all added to the weight of our bags - but surprisingly enough we were still way under our limit - good to travel light. There will be early pizza and red wine tonight as our flight this morning way way before the birds even thought of rising in Australia.    

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

A lamp commission completed

I know it tends to be a bit repetitive showing photos of Artisan Lamps made from old blow torches; but there is a difference here - I was doing a commission - restoring two family heirlooms and turning them into functional lights. Creating functional art work out of family history can mean that they are loved a little longer and kept in good shiny condition.

©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of filament of an Edison style globe
The blowtorches I started with were in pretty grim state as you can see from the photo of one of them below.

©2016 Barry Smith - A blow torch - rescued and to up cycled
First dismantling for cleaning and polishing - grinding and polishing took quite a while.

I used my tap and die set to create the pieces to be added to the blow torches to attach the light fittings.

And once ground and polished, reassembled and with cords and globes included they now have taken on a new life but retain the family history.

©2016 Barry Smith - Smaller blow torch Artisan Lamp
©2016 Barry Smith - Smaller blow torch Artisan Lamp
©2016 Barry Smith - Larger blow torch Artisan Lamp
©2016 Barry Smith - Larger blow torch Artisan Lamp
They are now ready to pass on to the owner and be loved again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shadows, light and wood

©2016 Barry Smith - Play of light on water in GOMA
Just over a week ago Fiona and I needed to go to the "big smoke - the city" (Brisbane) for business and art supplies. We took the opportunity to go to to see the Asia Pacific Triennial art show at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

As is often the case I can be taken with some of the detail of the art.

First a few photos of light and shadow reflections on the floor from a a room full of large glossy photos arranged in a spiral on a grey polished concrete floor.

©2016 Barry Smith - Light Play 1
©2016 Barry Smith - Light Play 2
©2016 Barry Smith - Light Play 3
©2016 Barry Smith - Light Play 4
©2016 Barry Smith - Light Play 5
And wood grain and rust texture from a very very large installation of rescued old building and bridge timbers.

©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith
A photo of part of the signage outside the Queensland State Library - almost looks like a 3D sculpture.

©2016 Barry Smith
And a rainbow on our wooden dining room table - just because rainbows are beautiful.

©2016 Barry Smith
 There is always something to catch the eye and lens.