Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weavers, weeds and other wonders

The mornings have been clear and dry - so Monday and Wednesday walks were done in the cool soft light of morning.

My eye was caught by: the cunning weaving of small spiders between beautiful flowers; the colour and texture of weeds; mini blossoms and weed seeds  caught by other floors; and of course the dawn light of the valley.

Some photos of the mini weavers.

©2016 Barry Smith - Suspended
©2016 Barry Smith - Just hanging about
©2016 Barry Smith - Just hiding out
©2016 Barry Smith - You can't see me
©2016 Barry Smith - Making a home in the Chinese jasmine
©2016 Barry Smith - Jasmine blossom - never seen that before
The beauty of weeds.

Caught and held.

And the valley - ahh!!!

A magic nature start to the year.


  1. I think you had fun taking these photos Barry.

  2. Hi P and V - as I always enjoy seeing your worlds through your walks and photos - it is good to know that I can share a bit of my world with you. Peace. B

  3. Wonderful glimpses into tiny lives, Barry! And such lovely flowers, even the weedy bidens pilosa...


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