Friday, January 29, 2016

Not your usual souvenirs

Fiona and I returned today from 10 days in the northern area of the north island of NZ - a great bit of down and away time. As one would expect our photos of the trip are not the usual people or even place shot; but rather details and fragments like most of our art friends.

But our purchases whilst we are away are not the usual bits of memorabilia - as it turns out for me it was: sea glass we picked up;  a heavy rusty cog (20cm in diameter); brass objects for Artisan Lamps; small silver-plated trays; and one of the largest silver-plated trays we have ever found.

Sea glass collection….

©2016 Barry Smith - Sea glass - for earrings and pendants
Bits for Artisan Lamps from a couple of places - including a beautiful rusty cog.

©2016 Barry Smith - Heavy cog - great lamp base?
©2016 Barry Smith - Solid fuel soldering iron torches
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass pump
Small silver plated trays from various locations.

©2016 Barry Smith - Nice selection of trays
The big tray that only just fitted into Fiona's bag on the diagonal - but it will offer much metal.

©2016 Barry Smith - Big silver plated tray (85cm long X 40cm wide)
©2016 Barry Smith - Good pattern
And some gorgeous 15cm long cut nails.

©2016 Barry Smith - These nails will rust reall well
Obviously - this all added to the weight of our bags - but surprisingly enough we were still way under our limit - good to travel light. There will be early pizza and red wine tonight as our flight this morning way way before the birds even thought of rising in Australia.    


  1. Sounds like a great few days.

  2. healing time away, and beach glass!

  3. Nice finds.
    I've been collecting beach glass for years (love the
    sand-blasted feel and colors.)

  4. These are the best kind of souvenirs! The texture on those torches and the big tray are wonderful. Looking forward to see how you transform these finds. Delighted to hear that you and Fiona enjoyed a lovely getaway.

  5. Great finds Barry. Sea glass is a fave of mine.

  6. Ooohhh! Love that sea glass, Barry, and the cog, and the brassy bits, and the silver ... A very successful collecting trip. Welcome home B & F.

  7. Hi P, V, RF, AA, JM, C and R - thank you for your visit and comments - I felt a really supportive energy as I read the comments - great to have a community. The time away was refreshing - just good to goof off now and then. RF - sounds like you might have a good collection of glass - what do you do with it apart from appreciating its beauty? AA - some good finds indeed - they will be transformed in the near future. JM and C - maybe we could start a sea-glass swap group? All - go well. B


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