Friday, January 15, 2016

Plans of their own

Fiona and I hosted three young women today for an art "workshop" day. Fiona to do calligraphy and bookmaking; and I to do various bits of metal work.

I thought I'd do a bit of resin jewellery; a bowl each; and a leaf. Instead they decided - yes to the resin work; yes to a leaf if it could become a pendant and be shiny; plus a pair of book earrings each and a couple of pressed earrings.

Fiona and I shared the day - with me starting with resin; and then after lunch doing the leaf and book earrings - with Fiona supervising the day and playing a great support in the metal work area. Some photos of a very successful day follow.

©2016 Barry Smith - Hands of the maker - opening a silver-plated leaf

©2016 Barry Smith - Pressing domes

©2016 Barry Smith - Riveting book earrings

Now officially tired so I will stop and enjoy a drink with Fiona and a friend on the breezeway deck.


  1. What a great day for everyone! I love the idea that you and Fiona were hosting your own workshops in your own spaces! Cheers, Patti

  2. What fun! Can I come play too? I must tell you - Ellie and Grace LOVE their pendants and have worn them to school everyday. Most nights finds me removing them before tucking the little urchins in bed. Grace wears her pendant backwards with the resin hidden and your lovely metal work turned toward the world. Ellie wears hers the proper way and loves the hidden jewels within. Thank you so much Barry!

  3. Hi P and J - thanks for checking out the work of the young women - ver dedicated and enthusiastic trio. P - the trio called it a workshop - we call them play days as they are not formal teaching days - just fun creating days. J - one day you will come and play. I had to laugh re Grace and Ellie and their pendants - creates a good feeling to know that such simple things can bring joy - and I love their individual response to the pendants. Go well - B.

  4. B & F, that looks like such a great play day, and so typical of you two to be so generous! Lucky girls...


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