Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bringing fragments together

©2016 Barry Smith  - Bone earrings with drill holes and solid silver rivet
Over the weekend I just wanted to do a small bit of creating to ease me back into things. I decided to not start any commissions or product for outlets; but rather just do something that used bits and pieces that asked to be used.

So I decided to use: some scraps of bone still lying around from earlier work; some of the sea glass from NZ; a few NZ pebbles; and a few scraps of silver-plated EPNS and copper.

©2016 Barry Smith - Stash of fragments ready for selection and assembling
As you can see from the first photo this resulted in a few pieces of bone jewellery. The bone earrings above are something new for me - the bone drops are about 20-25mm long 5-6mm wide and 5mm thick at the thickest point. They made their way into Fiona's jewellery box this afternoon.

A few more bone pendants with negative space.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bone, glass and stone and brass
©2016 Barry Smith - Love the simple lines of this bone, glass and stone pendant
©2016 Barry Smith - The bone has natural imperfections - contrast between the brick and black pebble and dark brown sea glass - brass rivet on both sides to fill natural holes in the bone
©2016 Barry Smith - Curved sea worn fragment of a bottle spout.
And a few of pendants with silver-plate.

©2016 Barry Smith - Square (25-30mm) pendant with silver-plated EPNS
©2016 Barry Smith - Rectangular pendant (about 40mm long by 20mm wide) with silver plated copper
©2016 Barry Smith - Unusual block pendant (about 40mm long, 15mm wide and 10mm thick) with natural black grain in the bone plus silver-plated EPNS on two faces 
A satisfying and gentle way to get back into the creative groove.


  1. Lovely pieces, the bone and silver works beautifully together. I have loads of sea glass that I use in my weaving, it would be much easier to incorporate them with a hole in, do you need a special drill?

  2. love these - they are great! N

  3. What fabulous combinations! Hope my art account gets a boos soon...I need to shop.

  4. Hi P, L, D N & JM - thanks for stopping by to check out the use of the rest of the bone; and thanks for your ongoing encouragement. P and D - I agree the bone and silver combined well. D - i use a tube diamond drill to create the hole - drill the glass under water - bit fiddly but worth it. JM - boosting your art account could work for both of us. All - go well. B


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