Sunday, December 29, 2013

On our way home

Our visit to NY has come to an end and today we begin the fairly long process of going home - flights across the US and across the ocean.

On Friday we managed to go to New Jersey to spend a few delightful hours with Mary-Jane.

We took the train up and back. Couple of shots from the train on the way up.

A couple shots of patina etc as M-J showed us the beach and some buildings of a bygone era.

Friday night lights still shouted 'holidays'.

And on Saturday we checked out Greenwich village, a section of the Berlin Wall in the city and a gallery in upper Harlem.


NYC, artist friends and the people in general have given us so many memories to savor and continue to energise and inspire us - thank you in look forward to catching up again in the future.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Images after the snow

On Christmas Day Fiona and I walked part of Central Park. It was very cold but only fragments of snow remained; and there was still ice in the ponds and streams. What caught our eye was all the dead heads of blossoms and grasses - they made for good photos - but of course after a time we had to say enough was enough as our fingers began to hurt.

Below are a few of the images..

So whilst the day was not snowy the impact of the snow a week before offered its own beauty including the leaves and feather caught in ice on stone.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rust as art in NY

Fiona and I hit the jackpot when it comes to the combination of 3D work, huge pieces of steel and rust.  We got to see 4 pieces of Richard Serra's that were created in 2013 - how lucky can one be to be in NY where these current works are on display and to to be able to see them for free - amazing. We were able to walk around and through these gigantic works in two of the Gagosian Galleries in Chelsea NY; spend as much time with them as we wanted; and at times be almost the only people interacting with them. Below are a few fragment images of the pieces as it was/is impossible to photograph these pieces as a whole - they are huge installations which I imagine will one day be in some huge field.

We walked in and through Inside Out (2013) - beautifully rusting Corten steel.

In and out of seven Plates Six Angles (2013).

Around Grief and Reason (2013)

And in and out of Intervals (2013)

There are times in one's life that the universe just delivers for which I'm really grateful. I know Fiona is also posting on this - that would only give readers two opportunities to lust after rust and maybe see the works from a slightly different perspective.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Images from MAD and our southern walk.

Yesterday we caught up with our friend Mary-Jane. Of course we spent much time talking and exchanging news and notes; but we also got time to do a quick tour of the Museum of Art and Design. One major feature was 3D art created using computers and 3D printers and cutting machines. Some images below.

Today we spent time walking around the very south if the city. One of our destinations was to see Andy Goldsworthy's Garden of Stones at the Museum of Jewish Heritage - a memorial garden in memory of those who perished in the holocaust and those who survived. A very meaningful, reflective and yet peaceful space.

We also checked out various landmark buildings including churches and grave yards - part do the very early settlement. A few fragments are in the photos below.

We are home with weary feet but uplifted spirits which were furthered calmed by a a late afternoon sunset through the trees.