Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Snow White experience

Fiona and I chose to come to NYC in December because we wanted to experience NY with snow. Whilst it doesn't always happen we have been lucky that we have already experienced the white stuff in 3 days since our arrival on 9 December. This weekend has been excellent - we have been like a couple of children - revelling in the flurry of snow, beautiful light and how the ordinary things are covered and just look gorgeous. Like the dog and bird foot prints on the pavement; and the Empire State Building.

Images from at the end of our street including leaf and part of a water fountain.

Near Macy's about 3pm Saturday.

Out at night to buy pizza.

Of course we do get a little antsy when the snow turns to ice and the wind blows it like needles into the face and eyes - but a small price to pay.


  1. Oh, yes, NYC in December in the snow is magical! Glad you got to have a NY white pre-Christmas experience. Next stop, skating?

  2. Nice pictures, pure beauty, a wonderful place to enjoy taking photos, NY with snow!


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