Saturday, December 14, 2013

Images from blue sky days

The last town days in NYC have been filled with sunshine and blue sky. Still cold but the light was good and we walked many more blocks and avenues. Below are few of yesterdas's images.

Late wall feature on Diesel store.

Children on the ice at Rockafeller Centre

Spire on 5th Ave.

Lights on trees .....

Installation in a store

And a few from today including this iron door on Greene st.

Sunlight on iron buildings in Greene st.

Creeper covered building - Park Ave.

Installation in a store...

We have been attempting to combine a little gallery visiting with a little walking the streets taking in sights and sounds. It is meant to snow again tonight so quite a different day or two ahead.


  1. I recognize the iron door because Seth photographed it too..... and if I ever get to New York I will also photograph it. It's magnificent!

  2. Sounds wonderful. No money for presents so I am cooking, hope the family appreciate it! then off to relax on Kangaroo Island

  3. Great photos Barry. What a marvellous time you are having. Keep it up.

  4. Great collection of images... hope you are tucked in somewhere safe for the storm!


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