Friday, January 8, 2016

Creating a hoard...

©2016 Barry Smith - Highly reflective faceted backs of mini fragment bowl - reflecting heaps of light and colours in the studio
A little while ago I indicated that I was commissioned to make a horde of pieces from a covered silver-plated EPNS serving tray. A couple of the pictures in the post showed that I had cut up the tray (top and bottom). I am now just about finished the work.

This post shows: two Daily Word sets; two spiral rings; two spiral bracelets; two pendants; two pairs of found earrings; two leaf forms; and offcut-scraps turned into fragment bowls.

©2016 Barry Smith - Daily Word sets plus a few extra peace words - made from the base and sides of the serving tray
©2016 Barry Smith - A small horde of silver-plated recycled jewellery
©2016 Barry Smith - Pendants - formerly handles from the lid of the serving tray
©2016 Barry Smith - Couple of sets of found earrings made from the scraps of the lid decoration
©2016 Barry Smith - Spiral rings made from the decoration from the lid of the serving tray.
©2016 Barry Smith - Spiral bracelets made from the decorative edge of the base of the covered serving tray
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf forms - one with serenity stamped on it as requested
©2016 Barry Smith - Some small fragment bowls made from the side of the base of the serving tray - you can see the remnants of the solder where I seated the decorative rim off the body of the base.
By Sunday I will have finished the remaining part of the commission - to make a set (three) of small fungi form bowls. But now it is time to head to the kitchen and make the first pizza for 2016 and accompany it with a glass or two of red.


  1. Amazing beauty.
    I love the light, the reflections, the tones.
    Spectacular work.

  2. A veritable treasure trove, Barry!

  3. R, P, AA & C - well the good news is that the hoard was picked up and the owner wads over the moon with the fact that I was able to achieve so much from the covered tray - there is something special in being able to up cycle family objects that otherwise would languish in the backs of cupboards and possible thrown out as people forget the historic connections. Cheers. B


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