Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcoming in the 2016 with letter press and a moody moon

©2015 Barry Smith - Set and pressed
Fiona and I don't send Christmas cards any more - instead we send new year cards which we tend to print ourselves. This year we decided to use the letter press again to create our cards. I set up old bold wood type which printed both the wear and tear and the grain of the type. The result is quite chunky and industrial.

Complemented by my industrial looking stamp.

©2015 Barry Smith - Grit and grain - the finished new year card
You can see from the  photo below the two print runs reflect Fiona's and my art style - surprise that Fiona's is quite and refined; and mine is industrial looking and less refined.

©2015 Barry Smith - Barry's cards laid out to dry 
©2015 Barry Smith - Fiona's cards - crisp clean lines
On new year's eve the moon spent quite a bit of time ducking behind the clouds - this made for some interesting cloud filtered photos.

©2015 Barry Smith - Moon, star, clouds and power-line
©2015 Barry Smith - Cloud distorts colour and clarity of the moon. 
©2015 Barry Smith - Moon, star, clouds and power-line
©2015 Barry Smith - Crisp clear New Year (2016) eve moon
And so begins my 2016 art life. May we all have a an art-filled, creative, joyous and peace filled 2016.


  1. Like the cards, the differences are interesting.

  2. Beautiful Barry... the cards & the moon! All the best for 2016 xo

  3. Fortunate are those on your mailing list ... and what planet was keeping the moon company, I wonder?

    Best wishes for the New Year, with much gratitude for your presence here!

  4. Happy New Year 2016 !!

    I pray you and yours to peace.   And, Peace of the earth.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  5. Happy new year to both you and Fiona. Love the industrial feel of the card.

  6. Happy, healthy, inspiring 2016!

  7. I do like how your cards express your personalities! Great moon shots as usual, B. I've indulged in an iphone6S so I'll be shooting for the moon too! All the best to you both...

  8. Hope that 2016 will bring you and Fiona health, happiness, joy, peace and an endless stream of creativity! Happy New Year, Barry!

  9. Hi P, SS, L, Ruma, S, AM, C & GB - thanks - such a joy having folk from our blog community sharing positive energy for another year. Yes - may we all be well and create well in our own way this year. I hope to see the ongoing creativity of others and hope to continue to share a few of my bits and pieces. Go well & heaps of peace be yours. B


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