Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Out and about

The last week has taken us to Sydney and then back to the mountain - so the iPhoneography for this Wednesday includes: some beach stuff (including the moon); and flowers and fungi.

First a small (about 2cm wide) beautiful fungi Fiona found on our morning walk today (note the tiny spider at 3 o'clock); and another tiny (about 1 cm wide) fungi hanging out in one of the cavities in the book wall.

©2015 Barry Smith - Fungi with spider
©2015 Barry Smith - Fungi cave in the book-wall
A small seed caught in a spider's web being whipped around by the wind - hence the lines.

©2015 Barry Smith - Seed, spider's web and a breeze

©2015 Barry Smith - Unfurling
©2015 Barry Smith - White crucifix orchid in front of the book-wall

Glass and stone and bird and stone.

The moon over a Christmas day Coogee beach

©2015 Barry Smith - Eerie light 
©2015 Barry Smith - Cloud diffused moonlight
And a small example the sad aftermath of Christmas day celebrations on the beach - thank goodness for council staff who cleaned up.

It is good to be back on the mountain to welcome in the  new year.


  1. Great discoveries, and fantastic images (as always.)
    Happy New Year.

  2. These would make camera-converts out of most anyone ... beauteous stuff!

  3. It makes me wonder how people live when they trash such beautiful areas.

  4. Oh you have a white crucifix orchid, lovely, I have a mauve one that does well for me, would love a white. Barry your photos as usual have a certain magic about them. I hope you have a fun and fulfilling 2016.

  5. lovely to have glimpses of your world.

  6. I lived at Coogee for 15 years so have a pang when seeing your photos. Sad the way people have so little care for their surroundings but I saw it at Bundeena too, and was shocked. Like Penny I was taken by your white crucifix orchid - I think it's the first I've seen. Now I'm on the hunt! Go well!

  7. R, L, JM, P, TL & C - hoping all of us will journey through the coming year well and with happiness. R - thanks. L - it helps me see the world around me more intimately. JM & C - it did make me sad. P & C - it wasn't till recently that I was informed how rare it is - good news it that though Fiona and I fail to keep most orchids alive this one is doing ok for the moment. TL - I like the idea of glimpses. All - go well. B


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