Sunday, December 13, 2015

A tiny challenge with a difference

©2015 Barry Smith - Gold??? - no just brass, copper and steel filings and drill burrs near the vise after my most recent round of making Artisan Lamps 
I was asked to have a go at making some belly button jewellery. The pieces needed to be about 5cm in length and a bit different; in the style of some of my as-if-holding-water earrings; but the components needed to be tiny. As you cant see from the photos below I gave it a go.

Roughly designing some possibilities.

©2015 Barry Smith - Triangular design 
©2015 Barry Smith - A square option
Creating some components - pouring droplets of resin into tiny forms - less than 1cm.

©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny 'bowls' of resin and silver-plate punchings
And assembling pieces to create a number of dangly options. The final products did not fully reflect the rough designs - still they reflected the general ideas and used most of the components I made. All designs have curves so the components don't dig into the tummy skin.

©2015 Barry Smith -  Four dangly belly button jewellery option - made so the attach to belly button pieceing rings or rods  
©2015 Barry Smith -  Triangles and crystal
©2015 Barry Smith -  Mixing it up
©2015 Barry Smith -  Just circles - might be too wide
©2015 Barry Smith - Circle, squares, chains and a tiny heart
Over the weekend I also progressed: a stash of small (about 7-9cm long) peace leaves for giving away; leaves for thee more Daily Leaf Word sets; and Leaf Spoons for Maleny Additions.

©2015 Barry Smith - First opening of the leaf forms
©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf forms fully opened and given a twist - about 40 leaf forms in this stack
I did not get to finish the leaf forms because there were too many social events and too much rain - couldn't do the outside grinding band polishing - that will await another day.


  1. I almost wish I had a belly button piercing!

  2. You're amazing, Barry! Some lucky belly-button will wear your jewellery and look really cool. You make even the filings look good...

  3. There's some groovy belly button jewels there B - sporting a dangling one myself ;-) One of your treasures would complete a belly dancers outfit!

  4. Hi CB, C & K - thanks for checking out my latest challenge. As you can see from a later post they turned out well and two recipients thought they were perfect for them. C & K - I had not thought of doing these before the request - not sure they will become a feature of my work but I can see their decorative attraction. Go well. B


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