Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This and that

There are some weeks where there is just so much going on; weeks that have their own rhythm. This week was one such week and the photos below reflect that.

Early morning light - the sun is now rising at about 4.45am and the flood of peach light in the bedroom woke me so what was I to do but get up and enjoy the light and capture some of that beauty.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dark, light and mountains
©2015 Barry - Never tire of the early morning colour in the valley
And I went for a wonder with a visitor on the terraces and checked out the organ amidst the mango trees - it is changing beautifully - returning to the earth.

©2015 Barry Smith - Untethering timber
©2015 Barry Smith - Keys now caressed by the gentle fall of leaves
It did get a speedy walk in on Monday and noticed the brilliant new colour in the pine trees.

And the rose bushes and frangipani trees on the block are just so rewarding this year - colour and perfume - delicious.

©2015 Barry Smith - Framed rose

So there you have it - a mixed bag of a week - a mixed bag of beauty .


  1. Love that view across the valley.

  2. barry, i can't help but envy the early morning sunrise, here it's after seven now. the one thing i find hard about winter is the so very short day.

  3. Perfectly lovely!! Always delighted to see your photos! Cheers, patti

  4. I love your early morning photos, Barry. You live in such a beautiful place. Interesting to see the organ weathering as it is; I think I'd be wanting to take off a few of those beautiful keys, but I know you are enjoying watching it going into the garden.

  5. Hi P, V, P & C - thanks for your visit and comments - always good to connect. P & C - I agree - we never tire of it. V - I shiver at the thought of your darkness and cold - it has a beauty of its own but is a little bit harder to deal with. Hi P - good to share again. C - I will see what becomes of those keys when the organ has run its course or creating. All - go well. B


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