Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New phone = sharper photos?

Well it has happened - I have moved from my old iPhone 5 to my new iPhone 6S. Why did I do this - the camera is meant to be better. And the old phone has been cascaded to Fiona's dad - so all is well.

I do think the photos are sharper.

©2015 Barry Smith - Contrast
©2015 Barry Smith - Sunlight and dew droplets
©2015 Barry Smith
©2015 Barry Smith
©2015 Barry Smith
©2015 Barry Smith
©2015 Barry Smith - New coffe blossoms
©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny tiny blossoms with dew droplets
©2015 Barry Smith
©2015 Barry Smith - A tiny crucifix orchid
©2015 Barry Smith - A drift of leaves
©2015 Barry Smith - Layers of white
So a new era of Barry's iPhoneography on Wednesday has started.


  1. Yes. There's definitely a difference in the sharpness of the photos. I would have guessed that these were taken with a really good quality digital, not with your iPhone. Wonder if it's too late ask Santa for a new one? How's the battery life?

  2. Looks Good!
    I hope it works for your night photos of the moon, and the ones across the valley with the weather/atmosphere.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Hello, Barry.

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support in this year.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Merry Christmas, and A happy New Year for you and yours.
    From Japan, ruma ❃

  4. Just when I thought your photos couldn't be any've wowed me again!

  5. Amazing for a phone. Who needs cameras...the detail is extraordinary. Santa came early?

  6. Just fabulous, Barry! Now I'm reconsidering - 6 or 6S? Love and best wishes to you and Fiona on this Christmas morning. xxx

  7. Hi J, V, Ruma, AA, JM & C - thanks for checking out the photos with the new iPhone; and thanks for your confirmation that they are a little crisper. J - had to laugh about the Santa request. I don't really know about the battery life - seems good to me. V - the glory of nature!!!! S - pity is that the phone does not do the telephoto shots of the moon well so I still need to rely on the Canon Powershot for that. Ruma - likewise - thank you for your support and interest throughout the year. AA - you make me smile - but thanks. JM - not often that I use an actual camera these days. C - definitely the 6S - the 6 still has the same camera as the 5S. All - thanks for your good wishes - peace and happiness now and into the future. B


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