Monday, June 29, 2009


I am still playing a bit of catch up with my blog both in terms of attempting to stay up to date with regular postings and also attempting to give a bit of context for current work (preparing for a biggish exhibition in November). So I thought I’d share a bit of info on the exhibition (Construction) of small desk top sculptures I had about six months ago. The attached photos show that whilst still using recycled timber, rusted rod and found objects (including the quills of an echidna that was dead by the side of the road) I have scaled the pieces down but still give the sense of the bigger picture.

Tension uses sharp echidna quills in strict rows but with one set flowing in a contrasting direction to reflect disharmony.

The black and white of the stones in the fault line of Balance on the other hand create a sense of quietness.

The curved short lengths of salvaged stainless marine cable in Small Reeds reflect the peacefulness of reeds gently bending in a breeze.

Grove 3 combines the quirkiness of a small sculpture grove of trees with dry cracks or fault lines in the earth.

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  1. Nice blog Barry and nice pieces! You are now. Officially the third blog I've ever visited! Ain't it fun being techo! Cheers Steve


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