Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seeking white in autumn morning light

As you might know the sun is rising later and later in our valley and mountains. The early morning walks tend to start just as the sun is giving first blush off light to the valley and mountains. It struck me that the only blossoms that I could see were white ones - so I decided this week to focus on finding white in the dim light.

So the photos below are part of the exercise of finding white - some are not great shots as the light was pretty low and the iPhone was not really up to the task on occassions.

©2016 Barry Smith - White bougainvillea
©2016 Barry Smith- The last struggling daisy with dew
©2016 Barry Smith - Delicate dew drops
©2016 Barry Smith - White catching the first rays of morning light
©2016 Barry Smith - Hiding in low light
©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny offerings - about 1cm long
©2016 Barry Smith - Floating
©2016 Barry Smith - Lime blossom - still hanging in there
And a few photos showing the contrast between the first blush of light and a little later as the light bathed the valley in peach colours.

©2016 Barry Smith - The transition from night to day in the valley
©2016 Barry Smith - More colour created into the valley
©2016 Barry Smith - Peach morning light and cloud puddles
Fiona tells me it is about 5 weeks to the shortest day of the year for us down under so I guess there will be more photos in low light and off soft morning sunrises.


  1. Thank you for taking us along on your morning walk. What beautiful sights to greet the day!

  2. Lovely mornings there, Barry.

  3. Just lovely, Barry! And there's something about white flowers...


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