Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The moon and the mountains

©2019 Barry Smith - Setting moon  - iPhone  telephoto - wild shot!!
Some of the photos of the moon in this post are not a crisp as I have done on the past. The reason being is that my old Canon PowerShot failed because an internal date stamp battery went flat and can old be replaced by a technician pulling the camera apart and putting in a new battery. A costly exercise so we decided to buy a later model PowerShot - but is is not up to the standard of the old one - makes one a little sad.

First I'll share moon and mountain photos taken with the iPhone; and then the Canon photos.

©2019 Barry Smith - Reflections of a setting morning moon on clouds 
©2019 Barry Smith - Love the graininess of this setting moon shot 
©2019 Barry Smith - Next day - later setting moon in a pink and blue sky
©2019 Barry Smith - You might be able to make out the setting moon about 25% in from the left - a spec
©2019 Barry Smith - Early sun shining on a glass building in the Brisbane CBD - 80klms away!!!
Moon shots using the new Canon PowerShot.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Setting morning moon
©2019 Barry Smith - Setting morning moon 
©2019 Barry Smith - Setting morning moon - sinking fast
©2019 Barry Smith - Setting morning moon - a sliver
©2019 Barry Smith - Setting morning moon - like flame in the trees
©2019 Barry Smith - Evening moon 
©2019 Barry Smith - Morning moon 
©2019 Barry Smith - Morning moon changing colour as it gets closer to the horizon
The moon still has its mystery.


  1. So annoying when a favorite camera doesn't work anymore. I didn't know that a date stamp has a battery. I am still struggling after my favorite Panasonic got I think, some sand in the lens, works on occasion but not on others.

  2. P - I'm sending the camera to Canon's own camera service centre to see ion can be resurrected - it was a great camera for moon shots. Sorry to hear your favourite Panasonic plays up - so easy for something to gum up the works. Go well and continue to enjoy your walks. B

  3. beautiful. I can never capture the moon with my camera. i have given up since and just try to keep it in my memory


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