Sunday, February 4, 2018

Progressing the sacred scroll slowly

©2018 Barry Smith - The stand that will hold the sacred scroll is given a test run before the brass bits are ground and polished and the Camphor Laurel timbers is sanded and oiled - the photo gives a pretty good idea how the winder sits within the brass body of the scroll holder.
Much of the weekend was spent on a heap of paper work that Fiona and I needed to do. So the container that will hold the sacred peace scroll was progressed but not completed. It is a fiddly job so it all needs to be done mindfully and slowly.

I share a few photos of progress and mock-ups of the progress.

©2018 Barry Smith - I have created a central tube that will support the winding rod to which the scroll is attached. The winding rod is a hollow brass tube.
©2018 Barry Smith - The winding rod is threaded and I have added a threaded and drilled out brass fitting that slips over the newly created support rod; and it will also provide an edge for the scroll.
©2018 Barry Smith - Using some 'blutak' to test that the cover will work
©2018 Barry Smith - This photo gives an idea how the hinges will look when they are riveted into place on the scroll container cover.
The container is now up to the stage where I need to spend a couple of hours on the grinder-polisher before starting to assemble the lot. I don't want to lose the patina on the extinguisher body and handle so I hope to get the finish I want using a brass wire polishing wheel.

I did locate our stash of pianola rolls; and I chose one.

©2018 Barry Smith - Pianola roll that will provide the length  paper for the scroll
The paper is fine but tough. I like the aged colour of roll. I will be cutting a strip about 1-1.5 m long and 14cm wide off the left edge of the roll that has the least perforations. And then I will print this with Fiona's help.


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