Friday, February 2, 2018

A new artists' book

©2018 Barry Smith  - Handle and top of a vintage hand held fire extinguisher
Not a lot of time in the studio/garage today; but I did make a start on a new artist book. It will take the form of a ancient scroll in a brass scroll holder - in this case a vintage hand held and hand pumped fire extinguisher I have had in my stash for about 5 years with this very artists' book in mind.

The worked started with an idea in my head; but I thought I'd sketch it out for the sake of recording where I started and where I was going with the book.

©2018 Barry Smith
I cut up the extinguished with a side grinder. This included cutting out the corroded pump section inside the extinguisher - a bit tricky given I didn't want mark or cut into the opening I had created.  You can see the result of the cutting below. And then the filing of sharp edges and creating of the other elements was started. You can see the corrosion of the inside of extinguisher

©2018 Barry Smith - Scroll winder, holder and cover cut and ready for further work.
©2018 Barry Smith _ Hinges, latch and brass sections that will support the cover.
©2018 Barry Smith - Another photo of that gorgeous handle.
I think this piece will make a statement on a couple of levels - form and content. I plan to make the scroll itself out of an old piano roll and print the words on it using one of our galley presses.


  1. Wow! love seeing the sketch & preparations for this one Barry!

  2. The handle is a wonder, such beauty on what was originally a simple, functional piece. And I love that the word "SAFETY" appears on the outside, anticipating the peace on the inside. Last, the printing of the player piano roll promises some interesting posts to come. I can't wait!


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