Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bits from NZ

Fiona and I went to NZ for a few days to celebrate my birthday. It was a few days of art, nature and relaxation. Following are a few images from the trip away - not a lot of people photos.

©2018 Barry Smith - Can you see it?  LOTS carved into Oneroa library wall
©2018 Barry Smith - Spiral Waiheke Community Art Gallery
©2018 Barry Smith - The Carrying of the Waterfall by Maria Llyod - part of a temporary sculpture trail in Oneroa 
©2018 Barry Smith - Big wooden heart - Dead Dog Bay Wetland Garden and Sculpture
©2018 Barry Smith - Tentatively hiding?  Wetland Garden and Sculpture

©2018 Barry Smith - Large ceramic 'woven' bow in front of flax plants used for weaving 
©2018 Barry Smith - Intrepid photographer crosses the wetlands
©2018 Barry Smith - Woven - by spiders or by ants?
©2018 Barry Smith - Flax seed pods against a very blue sky
©2018 Barry Smith - Bronze cockle shells on a weathered post - Oneroa
©2018 Barry Smith - Patinated beaten up name plate
We are back on the mountain; and doing a bit of catch up.


  1. Happy late birthday wishes Barry, lovely photos as usual. A place I would love to go (not NZ, been there but ? Island)

  2. Joyful belated wishes on your birthday Barry. What a wonderful way to celebrate: nature, art and being together exploring it all. Photo of big wooden heart quite apt to honor you on your day.


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