Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mixed bag of images to start 2018

©2018 Barry Smith - Early morning sun streams through the kitchen window and lights up this peace rose
This is my first iPhoneography blog post for the year. It includes all sorts of bits and pieces including: flowers, friendly snakes, clouds, a feather and my 2018 cards.

The clouds were a forerunner to a heavy rain storm a few days ago.

©2018 Barry Smith - Fast moving storm clouds
©2018 Barry Smith - A very moody sky
This hanging snake skin was not there yesterday. Was it shed last night? Owner? Probably a 1.2 m python. And what about the little green tree snake who came to check out the bell deck when I was photographing the snakeskin early this morning.

©2018 Barry Smith - Snake skin dangling from the beam near the peace bell on the bell deck
©2018 Barry Smith - Love that came colour - tree snake about 1m long
Probably because of the rain and heat we have had quite a few roses on; and other floors are also intense in colour.

©2018 Barry Smith - Roses on the kitchen window ledge
©2018 Barry Smith - Love those purple stars
The pumpkin vines have suddenly taken off and are covering the plants and hedge at the shed.

©2018 Barry Smith - Rampant pumpkin vines

Fiona found this small (abou1.5cm long) feather on the deck off the lounge. Probably from one of the Paleheaded Rosella's who visit us - including sitting in the tapes or on the railings on the decks.

©2018 Barry Smith - Pale-headed Rosella - taken with the Canon Powershot
©2018 Barry Smith - Gorgeous colours that were not so visible too the naked eye
As Fiona indicated in her new year blog post we spent a morning setting up and printing our new year cards.

©2018 Barry Smith - A few test runs
©2018 Barry Smith - Drying on the stairs
©2018 Barry Smith - An old font to welcome in a new year
Hope 2018 is a grand year for all - peace.


  1. barry, you always see such beauty at your home. i'm grateful that you share this beauty with us.

  2. Lovely photos, even the rusty stuff. Have a great 2018.


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