Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vase and flower assemblage progressing

©2018 Barry Smith - Inside the top of one of the flower forms
I did not get much time over the weekend to progress art projects. I'm putting in quite a few hours doing painting of deck posts and railings. Putting people first has also taken a fair amount of time.

Still I'm happy with the progress. First job was to fit the copper sleeves into the cut off bases of the tulip vases.

©2018 Barry Smith - Copper sleeves inserted into the cut off bases of the vases.
And then over to the grinding and polishing bench.

©2018 Barry Smith - All looking shiny
Initially I'm glueing the various pieces together; and when the glue is dry I will put one or two rivets through the vase, the sleeve and the copper stem - binding it all solidly together.

©2018 Barry Smith - Assembling
I have left the tape in place to give the glue the chance to reach maximum strength - but even with the blue tape on the flowers are looking good in the train horn vase.

©2018 Barry Smith - Five flower forms looking good
©2018 Barry Smith - Five flower forms looking good
I like the shadow of the small flower form below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Flower form looking good
I'm thinking that I really need to make seven flowers so the bunch looks more sumptuous. That means I need to source another couple of tulip vases - so we will see.


  1. I think you have been having fun, they look....interesting!

  2. Wonderful, Barry! I was thinking: what if Barry added a few leaf stems...?

  3. Hi P, S and AA - so great to have you visit the post and leave a comment - most appreciated. P - you are right this is a fun piece - it could make its way into an exhibition - contemporary art. S - I will give the leaves some thought - I will do a test on my prototype. AA - glad you like them. All go well. B


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