Friday, January 12, 2018

Developing an idea and other bits

©2018 Barry Smith - Flower stamens?
It has been one of those days - Fiona and I have a touch of a cold - it just slows one down - so today was not as creative or productive as I would have liked.

In the end I: developed a prototype for an idea that has been lurking around in the back of my mind for some time; and tried to unsuccessfully get the old typewriter working.

Regarding the idea - I want to make a vase of 'flowers' using an old brass train horn and a bunch of silver-plated tulip vases that have sat in my stash.

With sections of copper and brass tubing I gradually built up a trumpet shaped flower on a stem for the horn vase. It is a rough prototype but I think it will work.

©2018 Barry Smith - Cut down tulip vase and copper pipe.
©2018 Barry Smith - Looking down into the centre of the 'flower'
©2018 Barry Smith - Mock-up of flower on a stem in a vase!!!
©2018 Barry Smith - Side view of flower
I plan to make 5 flowers for the vase as I have 5 good quality tulip vases. The flowers will be a lot better finished; and the sides of the tulip vases will be hammered.

I worked on the Remington-Rand 17 typewriter for over an hour; but for some reason I can't get the carriage to move. It is either locked and I can't find the way to unlock it; or it is rusted in place. I will have another go another day. The keys are working well.

It might be gentle cold white wine night tonight.


  1. I love this rough flower just the way it is!

  2. Barry ... to "grow" a flower whilst fighting a summer cold seems quite productive to me.

    As for the typewriter, you've probably already searched the internet for a manual, but I found one that might be useful in figuring out the carriage issue:

  3. P.S. I decided against sending a link to the 1941 first aid for typewriters published in Popular Science as I was pretty sure you didn't want to give your typewriter a bath in gasoline!

  4. Ditto on Mo's comment. Delicate, yet, strong.


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