Sunday, July 14, 2019

Mini peace bowl; or a pendant; or a keyring piece

©2019 Barry Smith -  Shallow bowl forms on the rust table
I managed to form all the peace pieces into shallow bowls. Then it was over to the grinding-polishing bench to take the rough edges off; and bring out the beauty of the silver-plate by polishing with a fine steel wire wheel.

©2019 Barry Smith - Stacks of ground and polished pieces on the polishing bench
I just love the afternoon sun and the play of light and shadows on the pieces on the rust table.

©2019 Barry Smith - Stacks of polished peace pieces on the rust table
©2019 Barry Smith - Looks like a gathering of highly reflective peace pieces
©2019 Barry Smith - Looking across the 63 peace pieces
The pieces are now ready for International Peace Day.

©2019 Barry Smith - As you can see with the small hole the peace piece can be used as a small bowl; or a pendant or a tag on a key ring
©2019 Barry Smith - Slightly different design - only a few of these


  1. Such beautiful photographs (((B))) shining with Flower Power for Peace!
    what was that song that had that line, 'make a Peace sign when they don't like your hair' ? was thinking Country Joe and the Fish but it's not him and it's not Peace Train by Cat Stevens or Give Peace a Chance by John & Yoko...

    1. finally got there, "Resurrection Shuffle" by Ashton, Gardner & Dyke 1971

  2. Barry you create many beautiful pieces. I enjoy too your photographs of plants and flowers and sky. Thanks.

    1. Hi T - thanks for checking the photos out and leaving a comment - glad you enjoy them. Go well. B


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