Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Who ate the moon and morning light

©2019 Barry Smith - Moon eclipse this morning
When we rose this morning there was a hint of sunshine in the east as you can see from the photos below.

©2019 Barry Smith - Hint of sunrise but you can still see stars in the sky
©2019 Barry Smith - Looking south over the rim of the water in the fire-pit bowl
But there was also a full moon in the west.

©2019 Barry Smith - Moon at about 5.50am this morning
©2019 Barry Smith - Moon at about 6am - slight shadow of the eclipse starting
©2019 Barry Smith - Looking west over the rim of the water in the fire-pit bowl - about 6am
By the time I got home from my walk part of the moon had disappeared - and eclipsed? I had not heard there was to be an eclipse; but the photo above shows I captured the first faint shadow as I set off on my walk; and the eclipse was definitely happening when I returned. To see the eclipse set below the horizon was extra special.

©2019 Barry Smith - Eclipse happening as I returned home 
©2019 Barry Smith - Eclipsed moon setting
©2019 Barry Smith - Eclipsed moon in the trees on the ridge line to the west
After all that excitement the valley and hills were covered in soft blues, pink and apricot.

©2019 Barry Smith - And then there was a coloured sky - in the west 
©2019 Barry Smith - The magic of the valley and hills
Pretty amazing and serendipitous experience.


  1. Wow you caught the eclipse with these photos so beautifully, brilliant (((B)))!

  2. Lovely photos. They told me on TV last night to get up and see the Eclipse but we had low cloud cover.

  3. We hadn't heard there was going to be an eclipse either. We were sitting outside with a beer and saw that there was a bit of the moon missing. In England it was being eaten from the top down. Very odd but somehow fitting on the anniversary of the moon landing

  4. MC, P and J - thank you for taking the time to visit and comment - it is much appreciated. MC - it was a stroke of good fortune to get the photos. P - we have been in a cold dry spell - great for star and moon watching. J - loved you comment - sitting having a beer whilst the moon gets eaten - and a different experience of it being eaten from the top. Go well. B


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