Monday, September 9, 2019

Old and the new

©2019 Barry Smith - Patinated door knob on old cottage
This post shares a bit of a contrast - my progress on converting the garden shed to a light and useful art workspace; and a few images of one of the oldest buildings in Armadale village.

First the progress on the workspace. I have used the shed a couple of weeks ago to do some stone cutting but found it dark and untidy.

©2019 Barry Smith - Garden shed aka studio-workshop??
I spent some time removing junk and Fiona and I took that to the recycling centre. After rearranging some of the useful material and shelving I have started to paint the whole of the inside of the shed. Initially I will paint it all with a couple of coats of ceiling paint as we had quite a bit left over when we gave the cottage a spruce up. Already the shed is beginning to look cleaner and lighter.

©2019 Barry Smith - Dark green paint on the shed walls and ceiling.
©2019 Barry Smith - It will take a couple of coats to cover the green
©2019 Barry Smith - About a quarter of first coat done
The old cottage (Allt Beag) in the photos below is one of the remaining original cottages that probably dates back to around 1800. It is a bit sad to see that though efforts have been made to preserve it from the weather the stone work and the iron roof are losing their integrity.

©2019 Barry Smith - Beautiful simplicity
©2019 Barry Smith - Losing its integrity
©2019 Barry Smith - Grass taking over
©2019 Barry Smith
Fiona and I always want to reach out and preserve such wonderful simple historic cottages.

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  1. your work space is looking good and that old ruin is a delight!


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