Monday, September 16, 2019

Rust from recent travels

©2019 Barry Smith - Old, rusty but still at work on a croft  in the village
Over the last week we have spent time in our cottage, Orkney and Shetlands. Being by the sea in all three locations means there is often the opportunity to feast one's eyes on fragments of rust - some ornamental but most functional.

Sharing a few bits here.

©2019 Barry Smith - Lockedsolid
©2019 Barry Smith - Must be something precious as there were three locks on this door
©2019 Barry Smith - Tie point - wee harbour Lerwick
©2019 Barry Smith - Must have been some heavy boats in the past - wee harbour Lerwick
©2019 Barry Smith - Top of a mangle - Sumburgh Shetland
©2019 Barry Smith - Gears in a restored water driven grain mill - Quensdale Shetland 
©2019 Barry Smith - Boat and heaps of rusted chain and massive d-bolt used as an anchor - private slipway old harbour area Lerwick
©2019 Barry Smith - Stapling blocks of stone on the harbour edge
©2019 Barry Smith - Timber piece to keep the wind out - open and one lets the light in - St Magnus Cathedral Kirkwall 
©2019 Barry Smith - Good use for an old steel cannon - bollard at the wee harbour Lerwick
©2019 Barry Smith - Detail from the stand of the rusted mangle.
On our trip away from the cottage it proved to be a a bit too difficult to blog so fragments were shared on FB and Instagram. We are back home in the cottage again.


  1. love the photo of the light through the keyhole!

  2. Love rust. looks like a great few days away. So lucky.

  3. MC and P - time does fly! Thanks for checking out the few snippets of Shetland. Go well. B


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