Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fragments from Sandside

©2019 Barry Smith - Rusted out truck rim amidst the stones and sand at Sandside
We went for a walk around Sandside Beach and Harbour today with Fiona's dad Graham. We enjoy returning to this beach and harbour - there are always so many colours and textures in the stone, the craypots, rust, small boats etc.

A few images from today follow:

©2019 Barry Smith - A discarded cray-pot on the beach
©2019 Barry Smith - Seaweed and algae in a crystal clear pool
©2019 Barry Smith - Amazing stonework on the harbour wall
©2019 Barry Smith - Beautiful colours and placement of stones
©2019 Barry Smith - Some of the many working cray-pot at the harbour
©2019 Barry Smith - Cray-pots and rope
©2019 Barry Smith - Gorgeous but now past its prime 
©2019 Barry Smith - Wee working boat
©2019 Barry Smith - Another shed for the collection - fishing shed this time
And we were fortunate today in that we found a couple of hag-stones amongst the colourful sea washed stones of the small beach near the harbour.

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