Friday, November 15, 2019


©2019 Barry Smith - Words to pierce the darkness
The world we live in seems to become more challenging and a bit darker as the days go on - politicians who do not support their people, weather that seems to be crazy, killing in the name of causes and country......

It has made me a bit sad and I believe many folk feel that way. When I thought about what I might do in the garage-studio this week I felt an urge to make leaf words - words that I could share with others that might just encourage us to keep going, keep seeking peace, keep seeking kindness, keep letting our politicians know that the climate and the disposed and poor matter.

So this post is simply about the process of beginning to make 60 plus word leaves with the following words stamped on them: joy, hope, peace, dream, wonder, kindness, shine and love. As I stamp the words I do so with quiet hope.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Folding kindness 
©2019 Barry Smith - 40 plus folded pieces of silver-plate with stamped words
©2019 Barry Smith - Tiny pieces can be a challenge for big thumb and finger
©2019 Barry Smith - All folded
©2019 Barry Smith - Marking up for cutting
©2019 Barry Smith - 40 plus larger folded leaf forms
I hope to finish them over the weekend. I would like to believe that gifting these, or getting other to gift them, might just piece a bit of the darkness.


  1. how ripples of peace need not be confined to a single day (as wonderful as the International Day of Peace is) ... I am inspired to add your words to my current project

  2. Crafting gives us the pleasure of creation.
    Like going up the stairs.

    The best compliment.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  3. As I read your post I was saddened by how you’re feeling yet encouraged to know that I’m not alone in these sentiments when viewing the current state of things. I believe you make a difference each time you share your words of compassion, hope and kindness with someone, each time you offer your services to your community and neighborhood and each time you treat someone as you would like to be treated and with the dignity they deserve. You send this out into the world with each of your selfless gestures. Thank you Barry for doing what you can to make things better.

  4. P, LA, MC, Ruma & J - thanks for checking out this post and taking the time to leave a comment. P, LA, MC, Ruma - we all do our little bit for peace and Kindness - let us keep the ripples going. LA - you are spot on - every day is an opportunity for random acts of peace and kindness. J - your words did bring a little moisture to my old eyes. Thank you. May we all take fragments of time to make small gestures of love, peace and kindness - hopefully to balance a little of the dark and negativity. Peace and love. b


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