Saturday, July 11, 2009

A bits and pieces kind of week

What a cold wet and windy week it has been on the mountain. I was meant to be doing the penultimate slab in the public art path with EA during the week but the weather did not encourage us at all so that has to be put off until next week – but the path is a story for another day. The positive coming out of the weather was there was more time for indoor art work. Because it was school holidays Fiona had two of her teenage nieces over to do ‘art with the aunt’ on two different days (different interests and ages meant it was best to work one on one in the studio). Lots of paper making, rusting of paper, teabag art and hand-made books were the go.
It gave me more time to carve up more of the metal from the stash and to do a small trial cube. Also got time to take some timber cubes to the Woodies in Montville to get them to turn a few forms to support my metal beating efforts.

As you can see the small cube turned out pretty well. However I did learn that when I do the final cube I will build the vessels directly on to the cube rather than build it separately and then attach it later – harder to marry up the two final shapes.

I used a cut off disk in my angle grinder to cut up an old rectangular fuel tank I had picked up from the roadside rubbish collection. It was exciting to find the great artistic forms of the baffles and rods in the tank. The cut pieces are art pieces in their own right even before they get worked and married up with timber and rods etc. Life's good.

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