Monday, July 20, 2009

From rotten wood

Timber never stops giving really. We are very lucky to have a small remnant of rain forest about 6 kms from our house. Some of the trees are 600 years old. Recently we have been lucky to see this patch of forest through the eyes of a Japanese visitor, two young boys and their father and other older friends from the cold south. Each time we walk the paths of that place we hope to share the magic of the place and hope that the place will inspire or just give a sense of awe and peace to those we share the trees with. And each time I am struck by the light and shadow that moves in that place.

On a recent walk with the boisterous boys (8 and 11 years) – so we did not see many of the shy marsupials – we discovered many beautiful fungi growing on the wet and rotting wood. The boys were really into the shapes and colour of the many black bean pods that littered the ground. Their father and I were fascinated by the variety of fungi.

It reminds me that even with decay the wood of dead trees continues to provide surprises.

I just love the detail, the light and the small sacred fan shapes and bowls that the fungi provide to hold miniature flowers and crystal clear water.

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