Friday, February 5, 2010

Words for Peace 2010

Fiona discovered that Mike was facilitating a peace installation for spring of 2010 called Words for Peace 2010.
I was so impressed with the sentiment and power behind Mike’s project that I just wanted to be part of it and add my voice on a card that is 5inches wide and 20inches long. I thought I would try to use rusted drilling shavings and granules as my ‘ink’ on 850gsm rag paper.
As you can see from the photos what I want to convey is that I hope that weapons are not used for war or even in anger or against each other; and that they might just rust and return into the soil without inflicting pain or horror. Without weapons to resort to we might have a better chance of finding a peaceful path to resolving differences.

I have wet the rust and paper on a number of occasions and the rust is beginning to bleed nicely into the paper.


  1. what a great message, I just love the way you used the rust as a sample of what should happen. Just perfect!

  2. Thanks Mieke. Tis good when the thoughts and execution come together.


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