Monday, February 1, 2010

A meditation bowl for a friend

I was working away from home for the best part of three days in the past week including Friday – so there was not the chance to get the Friday afternoon creative hit in the studio. But I was catching up with a friend yesterday (Sunday) and just wanted to give him one of my reflection-meditation bowls so got down into the garage-studio on Saturday afternoon. And so the Star meditation bowl was made.

This hand (palm) sized bowl has no words – it is blank – a ‘being in the moment’ type bowl.
This bowl is what I call a punched bowl with a bit of foldforming influence - at the centre it has a rudimentary foldformed star with copper rivet highlights. In line with the balance of life I have posted two photos – one with flash and therefore full of brightness; and one without flash and therefore still shining but with a few shadows.

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