Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amazing blue in the sunset

About a week ago we were sitting on the southern deck sipping a few bubbles watching the sun setting. Of course it would be boring to take photos of all the sunsets but this one just had some unusual blues that became more visible as the sky became darker – so yes I did take a couple of shots that I thought were worth sharing; and to prove it wasn't just the bubbles distorting the eye. No photo shopping – just nature.

So while I’m posting on photos I guess I might as well give a pumpkin update. At last count the four original vines have now produced over 20 largish pumpkins. I just loved the light and colour of this little cluster under the leaves - the secret lives of pumpkins? Of course we are hoping it all stops soon – only so much you can do with a barrow full of pumpkins.

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