Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art imitates nature - tri-bowl garden font

On our morning walk today we came across these seed pods – great shape with three joined portions; and just gorgeous colours.

The pods reminded me of a font that I have been thinking about – a triple bowl affair where the water collected in the upper bowl can cascade progressive to the lowest bowl.

As you can see from the sketch the bowls would be mounted on tall square pillars of timber that are connected by 12mm continuous thread and all bolted together. The bowls would overlap; and the upper two would be slightly tilted so that the water collected from the rain can trickle from one to the other. Of course all bowls will be full at the same time but there will be a sense of flow – I don’t intend to connect a pump to it. As a font it is simply meant to sit in a quiet part of a garden to give a sense of peace and stillness.

You can see I have gathered three different sized and types of bowls that have been cut from salvaged plant pots. Two of the bowls are brass and one copper. One bowl has a lot of stamped markings on it. I don’t intend to work the bowls too much – just try to bring out their existing character.

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