Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beaten metal bowls 4 Super Bowl 2010

As indicated in earlier posts I have been working on two bowls for the Super Bowl 2010 challenge organised by jeweller and metal worker Wendy Edsall-Kirwin. I have completed a spiky bowl that includes sharp quills which I now call Spike; and a bowl that includes clock and computer parts that I call Time Machine.

Spike as you can see is made from beaten and polished recycled aluminium and patinated copper plate; plus echidna quills and copper wire. The copper wire has been used to sew the quills into place. The finely textured wire was plaited by Fiona.

Time Machine has been made from brass from and old pot-plant holder, recycled patinated copper, parts from a clock and brass nuts from computers (salvaged by Noela from our local computer store).

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  1. Barry these are fantastic! So much thought, care and attention shows . I like the way the clock parts have all come together and the contrast between the quills and the metal. Nice work!


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