Sunday, January 24, 2010

More metal letters

After looking at the ALaW blog I realised I needed to get my skates on and hammer out a couple more letters to be able to make the publishing deadline challenge of four letters by 3 February.

As you can see I have been able to produce my ‘C’ and ‘D’. As it turns out all letters will be done in recycled brass.

Letters with curves in them (e.g. B, C and D) will be hammered and punched; and the plate itself will end up slightly curved (as you can see in the above photos). The heavier brass I’m using for these curved letters comes from the side of an old brass pot plant holder. When I cut it up the sheet just sprung out flatish but with a definite twist to the metal – over stretched in the manufacturing process I think. So I am working with the twist rather than heating the metal and returning it to flat.
Letters that are made up of straight lines will be done using the foldforming approach I used in the first ‘A’ I produced. This metal also comes from plant holders but is much thinner.


  1. Barry
    now you dee is lookin good ...
    cheers - Ken

  2. K Thanks - there are a great number of dees in the 'D' B


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