Friday, January 8, 2010

Spiky bowl or dangerous flower?

Don’t you just love Friday afternoon – one has a ‘reasonable’ excuse for bunking off and going down to the garage-studio to do something with the right side of the brain. Anyway enough of that! Given that I have committed myself to the Super Bowl 2010 challenge I thought I might start playing with a few ideas this afternoon.

The bowl that is taking shape is made out of dirty aluminium from a baking tray that was discarded by the roadside, brass from a pot plant pot, copper from a discarded water heater and Echidna quills. The quills I’m sorry to say came from an Echidna that was dead by the roadside.

As you can see from the photos I have picked up an earlier interest of combining Echidna quills with metal (the spiky teapot).

When I showed Fiona the progress I was making she thought it looked like a dangerous flower; whereas I thought it was spiky bowl that had a tension between soft flowing form and spikes.


  1. Love the spiky bowl - couldn't slurp your soup out of this one ! N xoxoxo

  2. The spikes look terrific on the bowl. I love the mix of metal and natural materials.


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