Friday, January 15, 2010

Time Machine – beaten metal bowl

The last few days have been given over mainly to sanding and repainting rails on the southern deck; and giving a friend a hand to dismantle a couple of sheds to salvage the iron sheeting and timber.

But today is Friday and one must do a little art on Friday – so I have just about completed the second of my two Super Bowl 2010 challenge bowls.

This bowl is called Time Machine because its central pieces and the legs are parts of the clock workings Noela gave me. The rest is recycled brass and copper. Hm!! and yes the two little bits hanging off the side are the hammers for the clock’s chime.

All in all it is developing well. Needs a bit of extra polishing; and the legs need to be levelled and ground smooth.


  1. Fabulous new development with the feet, Barry, and I love the quirky 'feelers' xoxox

  2. I love that you used different parts from the clock. The brass and copper have a nice contrast! You're getting so many bowls done for the challenge! Make sure to add them to the Flickr group to inspire everyone else.


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