Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rainy day tasks

It continues to rain on the mountain – not as heavy but lots of scudding showers. This means not a lot of outdoor work gets done.

However today between showers we went to a block of land in town that is about to be cleared to make way for a new medical centre-complex. We were told we could remove fence posts – a lot of these are old and have very interesting cut-outs and lots of rusty nails and bolts in them. Fiona and I ‘harvested’ 6 solid posts that have ‘installation’ written all over them. In the process we managed also to pick up a few scrub ticks – Fiona had one and I had three. But with our trusty tick remover they were all dispatched.

Other good news from my perspective is that I finally got around to putting vents into the walls of Fiona’s paper studio. This task has been on the list for about 12-18 months. I cut the vents out of the stainless surround of a rusted out BBQ that was thrown out as part of the roadside rubbish collection. The vents will help keep moisture down and therefore reduce mould attack – at least that is the theory.

Since I was using metal cut-off disks in the side grinder to cut out the vents I took the opportunity to cut up a heap of brass pot plant pots – so I now have a really good stash of metal for bowls - including the Super Bowl Challenge 2010; and the A Letter a Week challenge.

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