Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter ‘B’ and Bowl Bits

There is nothing better for the creative spirit than to have a few things on the go at once. I still haven’t finished the Spiky bowl yet but because I was in the garage hammering out a ‘B’ for the ALaW challenge. Whilst there I thought I might as well make a start on a second bowl that might end up in the Super Bowl 2010 challenge.

It all did get a bit exciting at one point. Noela had given me the workings of a largish wind up clock and I was keen to get a few parts out of it for my next bowl – well after removing a few screws the whole thing just let go and shot springs and gear wheels all over the bench. The noise was such that Fiona came down stairs to insure I had not done myself a bit of damage – but no it was all good – just found a quick way to dismantle the beast.

The ‘B’ was hammered out of a piece waste brass. I used a delicate little hammer I made out of a hand held chisel. It required hundreds of hammer strokes to create the contrast and get the frayed edges.

I thought I would also just post a couple of photos of the bits that will be used in the next bowl including some of the exploding clock parts. The basic bowl shape of the larger bowl element has been beaten into shape.

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