Monday, January 4, 2010

Foldformed letter

Fiona, Gemma and Pam (calligraphic friends) have undertaken the challenge to do A Letter a Week. This will result in 52 letters – 2 alphabets by the end of 2010. The only real rule is that the letter must be on a piece of any type of material that measures 7cm X 7cm.

I am definitely not a calligrapher – but I thought it would be interesting to take up the challenge for at least the first half of the year; and create one alphabet out of recycled metal. So far I am off to an OK start – I have cut up quite a few 7cm squares of flat brass, aluminium, copper and rusty iron.

I have created my first letter – a rudimentary foldformed A. (Photos show back and front views.)

This piece is made out of light weight brass cut from the side of an old plant pot.


  1. Hmmmmm this is sooooo inspiring and inviting!!! Does your invitation to partake extend me perhaps?

  2. K - Of course you are welcome - but best to follow up with Fiona. B


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