Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skinny metal vessel with attitude

Another little challenge!!! I was talking to Mieke and she asked if I had done a sculpture for the upcoming MACG fine arts exhibition. Well it had not really crossed my mind that I might be part of that exhibition but given I was playing around with recycled bits I thought it would be fun to build a ‘sculpture vessel’ out of found bits and objects.

So I have come up with this rather skinny and spiky small sculpture (stands about 300mm tall and the base covers about 150mm square). This skinny vessel is made from a cylinder out of a brass knapsack spray (found amongst the roadside rubbish collection) and the rest of the piece includes some salvaged bits of copper pipe, brass bolts, brass rod, a timber base and the quills of an Echidna (from the side of the road near our place).

I think it is quite quirky and has attitude.

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