Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magic moss

I was given a little challenge by a ‘friend’ who indicated that yes it was easy to see that I had a love of patina (is that really metal moss?); but what about ordinary scruffy moss - the stuff of water ways, cracks and woodlands - did I have a love of that ordinary moss?

It got me thinking of a few of the moss shots I have taken over the years – and yes I have come to the conclusion that I also have a love of ordinary moss. I just love its sheer clean beauty, vibrant colour, tenacity and amazing ability to appear in such a variety of places:

In water ponds,

In the forest and on trees,

and give colour to drab environments such as a footpaths

and a headstone in a cemetery.


  1. Hiro×1 will bring enchanting 'SOUNDS' which should be in harmony with a path cradled with 'moss'. With 'MOON LIGHT' in addition to them, it could be perfect !

  2. I think Hirox1 wants a perfect gardenn


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