Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poles and stone

Last week our research work took Fiona and I to Caboolture for an interview. Not that I want to write about that. No - fortunately we arrived early for the interview and so we went in search of a coffee. We ended up at the Caboolture Campus of the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE – the coffee option was not looking good so we opted for tea. Anyway the point is that as we drank tea we were lucky to see this imposing public sculpture made up of three large poles (250mm square and 6-8m high) and three large reclining sand stone slabs - all recycled. Both the poles and the slabs had waves and grooves cut into them – these elements bound the different materials into one whole.

I think the artist has created a real presence with the piece. The multiple large pieces offer the viewer the opportunity to wander through them and become part of the piece. We have some lengths of Blackbutt timber (150mm sq and 4m long) – they are destined to become a pole installation on our block.

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