Friday, September 11, 2009

Meditation and metal

This week has again been one where life itself has had the upper hand. Research and writing work, the maintenance of the block, community and family have taken the time this week so beating metal and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Still if you want it to happen there is always time to do a few bits and pieces. I have been working with Hiro inTatebayashi to get a new supply of copper rivets from the hardware store we visited five months ago now. Well the parcel of rivets arrived (thanks Hiro) and they are already being put to work as you can see in the mindfulness message bowl.

Fiona and I have been collaborating on the mindfulness message bowl for the November exhibition and it has finally come to fruition. Fiona had already completed the verb words in calligraphy using copper and patina gouache. I completed the bowl this afternoon and the turned block has been ready for some time. It is a good feeling when it all comes together.

The flat brass spiral bowl and small aluminium lotus petal bowl are just part of the ongoing experiment – seeing what can be achieved with the scraps of metal and recycled parts of objects.


  1. Lotus petal bowl!!! Hiro×1 wonders what will become of this Lotus petal when the artwork is completed. Lotus is one of the important elements of the culture in which he has grown up. The owner of the blog might be being oriented to the Orient blog by blog!!!

  2. Hirox1 - the Lotus and many other small beaten metal pieces I am doing are picking up the ideas and symbols etc from a range of cutures and approaches to the spirit side of us. The focus of the November exhibition is stillness, meditation, sacred moments, symbols etc.


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