Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Story board

Some time ago I reported that Edith-Ann (EA) and I have been collaborating on the construction of a piece of public art in the form of a large concrete, metal and paint pigment art path at the Hinterland Business Centre. Some early photos below.

The work on the six story panels is complete including sealing the whole work; and EA has been hard at work landscaping the edges of the path with a stone drain and stone garden with much assistance from Carol as ace stone fetcher and cleaner.

The finishing element of the art piece will be a story board that shares the meaning of the six panels. I agreed to cut down, join and sand and oil two large planks recycled from a huge heavy iron bark timber table that belonged to a friend of EA. In the photos you can see the story board is ready and it is big – 1.8m long by 600mm wide by 50mm thick. It seriously takes two people to move it. But you can see the timber is beautiful.

Fiona has been enticed (conned??) into writing the story in calligraphy. She will do six story panels. Her experience with the David Linton piece demonstrated it was possible to write with ink directly onto the timber as long as you allowed the timber preserving oil to sink into the timber and gave it a very very fine sand – it resulted in a surface that the ink could adhere to without bleeding into the timber grain. Of course you then have to do a couple more coats of the oil to preserve the ink. Fiona said the fine cracks in the timber and the surface totally wrecks the calligraphy nib - so it becomes one nib per timber work.
We will keep you posted on the finished piece as the official opening of the path is not too far off.

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