Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lena and the orchid

Whilst Fiona and I grow a good selection of healthy vegies, fruits trees and many other plants on our block we have a well founded reputation for killing orchids.

We wanted to create a peaceful spot for Lena - our Phillip Piperides bronze. The idea is that the area where Lena is installed will become a small courtyard with orchids, ferns and a living bamboo screen. Lena rests on a cantilevered platform over a pebble void. Thus far ‘the courtyard’ has a few ferns and one orchid.

Last year it looked like the orchid would go the way of our other orchids – but this hardy specimen surprised us and has produced a lovely show. The combination of Lena and the orchid looks good and makes us smile.


  1. We wonder these orchids have bloomed in a wrong season because of the weird weather there in Hinterland this year. It seems extreamly hot there.

  2. Hirox2yuki - you are correct - this year has been a bit weird - very hot - but sometimes nature is kind and gives such beauty when we are least expecting it - and that is always such a joy.


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