Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rose gum and triangles

Don’t you feel that there are some weeks that control you rather than the other way around? If that does not happen to you I am happy for you. This week has been another of those 'mosaic' weeks – lots of bits and pieces that make up life. We have been preparing to catch up with a friend in Singapore, maintaining the house and veggie garden, doing our policy research work, making a contribution to our community and yes fitting in some art practice.

I have managed to progress the boat hull piece for the September vessel exhibition. The 200mm square rose gum block proved a bit of a challenge for the hand saw but in the end the wedge shape and beautiful red colour was worth it. The terracotta hull looks good on the wedge.

But I must say I am really excited with my small 'triangle bowl'. It is made up of six triangles riveted together – gives an edgy feel but sits just like a smooth cool orb in the palm of your hand.

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